Stop, Ladder Time

Stop, Ladder Time

Workout Date:



Jetah (2ndfQ)


Rousey (respect) quaker (respect), Elmer's (respect), kaiser (dr), cross-stitch, dj speed bump, Doughboy,

The Thang:

Few short weeks ago, I made the trek out west to the remote lands of Gatlinburg, like many pioneers of yesteryear, I was amazed by the wonders I discovered, and the fascinated by the new cultures I met. Given the season, I even planted a few flags, and taxed the natives as residents of South Carolina like a true delegate from the East. (Its a colonial joke given the month, those who do not get it, send an apology letter to your history teachers). Either way, I had a great beatdown out that way, courtesy of F3 Smokies, which was a classic ladder work out. Herein you start at a number, and chip your way down to 1. The proud denizens of Bomb Squad are above such simplicity, so I had us go back up after 1. Here is the beatdown:


Blockees, curls, & big boys, followed by a full lap of the perimeter. We started at 8. worked down to 1, and climbed back towards 8 until time was called. Good Work by all! Surprisingly we made it up to 4 or even 5 on the climb back.

Announcements: Merry Christmas!