Substitute Q…

Substitute Q…

Workout Date:



OneCall (when Billboard could not make it)


Humpback, Bling, Disconnected, Penelope, Rousey, Backdraft, OneCall

The Thang:


Billboard had the Q so YHC knew it would be lots of heavy lifting since he is an animal.  When I woke up at 0400 I had a 0126 missed call from Billboard.  While I would like to think it was just him calling to tell me how excited he was to Q and to see me, I really assumed it was him asking me to take the Q.  So when Bling (back from the Czech Republic – FINALLY) and I pulled in at 0510 and didn’t see Billboard’s truck, I knew he was out.  So we added my cache of bells to the ones already out there that Rousey has been “borrowing” for several weeks.

1 minute warning and disclaimer.

Quick warmup
22 Merkins single count cadence – #22Kills
Roll out shoulders

Time to work

Good mornings x 10 at weight of choice
Deadlift with shrug x 10 at heavier weight of choice
LBCs x 15 as rest
3 rounds

Snatch at weight of choice
Clean at heavier weight of choice
Double (2 arm) press at even heavier weight of choice
Press 30s
Clean and press 40# sandbag

Rinse and repeat this – this time use heavy heavy snatches

3 men on 20, 30, 30. 1 on 40. 3 in Merkins
Halos with 8 reps on the 40 pound 2 arm press as timer
Merkins AMRAP
Everybody gets 3 rounds on Halos and Merkins and 1 time at press

Rest 15 flutters IC – arms up

Back to it. Legs
Lunges and goblet squats and deadlifts
Weights of choice – go heavy as you can but use perfect form

Turkish getups demonstrated so everyone could get a feel of those! Once comfortable, use a heavier weight. get around 6 good ones in.  When not doing these, do Diamond merkins on KBs

Just enough time to burn out your arms!! With curls curls curls. Of your choice. 6 minutes. Smoke em! Concentration, Regular, Hammer, 2 arm, negatives

Count-O-Rama – 7
Prayer request – Penelope’s hip
Prayer request – Disconnected BMI and readiness to join the USAF
Prayer request – Humpback business and decisions
Prayer request – Families, marriages
Prayer request – Bilboard whatever was going on!
Prayer request – America and its leaders
Prayer requests upspoken

Great work and excellent form this am. Everyone looked much much bigger by the end of this!!


  • 4 year convergence Saturday (TOMORROW) at Blackbeard.  All other AO’s closed  Be there!  Check Slack for #clowncars
  • #ElevationMonday officially kicks off Monday at Doug Shaw Stadium – 0500-0600.  Wanna know more?  Click here
  • ShieldLock Challenge coming starting Monday the 16th as well!!  Official rules coming soon!
  • Ruck or Run the mini-marathon in MB!!!  Sunday, October 20



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