Substitute Q!

Substitute Q!

Workout Date:



Grass Patch


Super Dave, Sitework, Bigwheelz, Pert Plus

The Thang:

73 degrees

5:14 One Minute Warning called

5:15 Disclaimer

Quick Mosey around the block to give PAX a chance to warm up.

20 SSH – IC
20 Windmills – IC
20 Imperial Walkers – IC
20 TTT – In spanish cadence
20 LBAC – F/R – IC
20 Hillbillies – IC

The Thang
As we moseyed over to the old courthouse in downtown Conway, we had the pure displeasure for our lungs to be filled with aromas from a city trash truck that had passed mere seconds before!

YHC informed the PAX we would be performing a burpee mile (thank you to Bluegrass for the introduction of this exercise), as it is one of my absolute favorites. 12 burpees then a run around the block of the courthouse. Repeat 4 times. I must say I was one the slowest runners in the group and so appreciated the PAX picking up my six.

Luckily our stopping point was well thought out and we were able to use some of the city’s landscaping blocks that I called Barneystones in honor of Barney’s beatdown that I had last endured at this location. Pick a stone, any stone, they are all the same! Perform 5 curls, 5 overhead presses and 5 tricep extensions. next perform 6 of each, then 7, all the way up to 10. Next exercises with the stones would be squats and bent over rows. Same numbers as previous set. Lastly we hit the six and performed presses and BBSU, same numbers as the previous sets. Nice work men!

Mosey back to the Shovel Flags! Yes, you read that right, we had 2 Shovel Flags at The Republic! YHC had brought The Riviera flag and proudly planted it to enjoy the companionship of our crosstown AO flag.

20 Flutterkicks – IC
20 Boxcutters – IC
14 Dyingcockroaches – IC
LARGE expelling of gas from yours truly! Tons of mumble chatter from this!
6 Dyingcockroaches – IC
40 LBCs – OYO

Prayer or praise requests were made while we planked during the COT. I didn’t perform Count-o-rama or Name-o-rama since I was with brothers that I knew quite well. Each PAX had strong words to share from their own life. Recover.

Announcements: Sign up on the Q sheet, Bible study luncheon today near the water tower, 2nd F on the First and Third Thursday of each month – location could change.


It was last minute change of plans that led me to Q this morning as High Interest needed help and I had the opportunity to step up! It would have been so easy to say “No, I won’t be able to make it in the morning” but that is not what we do as #HIM! We help when we are called on! We lift our brothers up! We pray for each other! We share in trials, tribulations and celebrations! The men that I worked out with this morning pushed me to be a better man. I can say too, that I missed the sights and sounds of The Republic! Men of F3 GrandStrand, get out and Q! Often! The only way to be a better leader and HIM is to lead!

Grass Patch

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