Sunshine Says… Q versus Q

Sunshine Says… Q versus Q

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Sunshine and Crankbait


Humpback, The Intern, Brownbag, Quaker, Vitamin D, Redcoat, Bling, OneCall, Kitten, Sunshine, Texas Ranger, Crankbait, Boxcar

The Thang:


I rolled in at 5 til the Supergloom (0440) to find an empty parking lot (#NoSurprise) at The Village.  I quickly set out 4 bright yellow (“Sunshine Yellow” to be specific) buckets in a 4 corner configuration around the main lot.  I filled each with instructions for the planned beatdown, entitled “Sunshine says…”  Chalk was placed at each station for later tallying.  The Nantan himself showed up and arranged some cones for his epic portion of the beatdown.  As 0445 approached, 3 more HIM (Texas Ranger, Quaker, and Vitamin D) rolled in to get Qsource started.  Vitamin D Qed an excellent lesson on the Queen, adding in some practical tips to help the rest of us setup some dietary guard rails, with a goal to continue accelerating in all aspects of life.  Strong work Vitamin D on your #preparedness.


As the Qsource crew emerged, we found 8 other Village pax eagerly awaiting the kickoff of Q versus Q.  Boxcar quickly took control of his AO and began to preside over this head-to-head competition.  1 minute warning was called.  I quickly removed my warmup hoodie to reveal my gameday uniform – a Sunshine inspired ensemble.  Headband, construction “sunshine” yellow shirt & socks, and leggings.  Brownbag’s response said it all – “Woah!”.  Bling could not look at me with a straight face, and seemed generally irritated by the brightness of my clothing #fashionista.


Disclaimer given by Boxcar

Expert warmup and COT given by Boxcar


Round 1  – Sunshine’s Bermuda Triangle in the Tundra (mucho burpees and bear crawling)

Round 2 – YHC’s “Sunshine says…” performed in a 4 corner fashion

Each 4 corner bucket contained little sunshines, with then Nantan’s picture on the front, and an exercise on the back.  Pax were paired in 2s.  AMRAP of each exercise for 60 seconds.  Total from each pair was written in chalk on the asphalt, with the goal of coming back to each station and besting that total.  All Pax were warned to BEWARE OF THE WILD CARD, hidden in one of the buckets.

  • Station 1 – Sunshine says… Mountain Climbers
  • Station 2 – Sunshine says… Squats (OneCall says… “Use good form you Villagers!”)
  • Station 3 – Sunshine says… Overhead coupon press
  • Station 4 – Sunshine says… Merkins (Bling says… “Right after shoulder presses – PERFECT”) #sarcasm
  • Repeat Station 1 – Sunshine says… Mountain Climbers, (Beat your previous total)
  • Time Called on 10 minute session

Round 3 – Sunshine’s 7s (Bodybuilders and lunges) and Sprints (feel the burn)

Round 4 – YHC’s “Sunshine says…” Part 2

  • Returned to Station 1 – Quaker pulls the “Wild Card” and reads it aloud – “Sunshine says…Get in the middle of the circle and Pull Down Your Pants!”  #Nantan’sFavoriteLine.  Instead, pax performed Burpees, AMRAP for 60 seconds.
  • Returned to Station 2 – Sunshine says… Squats (Beat your previous total)
  • Returned to Station 3 – Sunshine says… Overhead coupon press (Beat your previous total)
  • Returned to Station 4 – Sunshine says… Flutter kicks (Modified to please Bling – see above)
  • Returned to Station 3 – Sunshine says… Coupon curls
  • Time Called on 10 minutes session

Returned to the shovel flag at 0615.  Boxcar performed count-o-rama and name-o-rama.  Announcements were made.  Prayer requests were taken and lifted.


Moleskin – It was an honor to lead the Pax today.  F3 royalty was in attendance (Nantan, past Nantan, past Weasel Shaker / 2nd F Q, Village AOQ, 1st F Q, and 3rd F CoQs), which is a true testimony to the leadership in our region.  Major props to High Interest for Qing this challenge.  Major respect to my CoQ for sharing the AO with me today.  As always, it was a major challenge to try to match the intensity and motivation level of our fearless Nantan.  Can’t wait for the rest of Round 1 – Quaker vs. Skidmark, Boxcar vs. Brownbag, Rousey vs. Vitamin D.  Let’s see if you all can dress as badly as these 2 guys.  SYITG!  Aye.

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