Supersized Captain Thors for the Catapult Crew!

Supersized Captain Thors for the Catapult Crew!

Workout Date:



Rousey (Respect and 3rd F Co-Q)


SideOut (Respect), Tandem, Crabs, Flatliner, JJ, FirstBase (CP AOQ) and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: 70s, dark, but a pleasant change to the SC humidity the region has endured for several months!

YHC was honored to have been asked to Q #Catapult (CP) where the Q sheet is generally filled up well in advance like a high-end restaurant accepting only A list actors…like Chris Evans (Cap) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor)…who are the marvel characters we’d theme off of this morning!

#CP is a moderate pace bootcamp that is IR-FNG-Kotter friendly.  It doesn’t mean that workouts are easy, it means that the Q has to work a little harder planning a WOD that has the right blend of exercises, flow, plenty of modifiers (easier and harder) so that all skill levels are challenged.  “Just modify as necessary” is not good enough and staying together is of utmost priority.  Today would be no different as YHC endeavored to put together a WOD that had a mix of modifiable exercises – today we’d go core heavy — and a little bit of positive group peer pressure (to push the Pax throughout). 6 other Pax obliged QIC and it went down like this…

Good morning, F3 mission, disclaimer, #mumblechatter, and typical F3GS warm ups.

CIRCUIT 1: SUPERSIZED CAPTAIN THORS – Mosey to Carolina Forest Community Church (CFCC) cross and find a really soft spot.  Captain Thors (Captain America and Thor from Marvel): A 1:4 ratio circuit of Big Boy Sit Ups (BBSU) and American Hammers (AH).  So, 1 BBSU then 4 1-ct AH…all the way to 10:40.  However, this morning we went in reverse order…and after each 1:4 ratio rep. we added in the “supersize” w/ Burpees or HR Merkins…56 in total!

Each Pax got a chance to lead here too.  QIC also broke up the circuit into 3 parts whereby we did a full CFCC campus lap to rest our on-fire abs and get in some lung and leg work.  Appx. 1 mile of running here!

CIRCUIT 2: THUNDERSTRUCK – At the COT.  Hold Plank / Do Merkin (on “Thunder” or “Thunderstruck”) combo during the 4.52 song.  It sucked…even to our fittest Pax of the morning (not me, but another Respect dude).

QIC quickly lead the Pax through a few stretches.


COR – 7
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by SideOut.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  We have 1st F, 2nd F and 3rd F events galore!  Get plugged in, make some friends, and even lead an event!!  Here are a few: 1st F Challenge 10/1 – 12/31, , F3 Christmas Party at Waterway Palms 12/3, 2F lunches throughout region and Hightower Memorial WOD n 5K and service project at Waterway Palms 10/1 or 10/8.

NMMS 1: 2 for a 2-mile fellowship pace pre-run.

NMMS 2: Strong work by the #CP #HIM!  Each pushing (but being smart w/ ailments) to get better (squeezing out 1 to 2 more reps., better form, etc.).  2 tough circuits shredding the core this morning! Keep #accelerating brothers! 

Honor to lead!