Supplimental EM BackBlast – “Time to Make the Donuts”

Supplimental EM BackBlast – “Time to Make the Donuts”

Workout Date:



One Call


Lombardi, Bling, Quaker, Texas Ranger, Headgear, One Call (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC has been threatening a visit to ElevationMonday since its inception in September 2019. This week EM would be conducted at the Hulk, which is familiar territory, so last evening I made a HC. Not only did I HC, but I also challenged some other PAX from BombSquad & The Village to do the same. YHC also made a challenge to both BombSquad & ElevationMonday to see which AO would post the most men. YHC figured EM would have an uphill battle (pun intended) because it was B.I.G. Monday at BombSquad which historically draws big numbers week in and week out.

As YHC travels around the Region he constantly encourages PAX to step out of their comfort zone and post and/or Q at other AO. It’s a fantastic experience and builds the brotherhood. So if you haven’t traveled to other AO’s, HC this week to a different AO and while you’re at it organize a Clowncar with some fellow PAX!!

As soon as I posted the challenge to attend EM (on slack & twitter), Skidmark & Texas Ranger responded that they were thinking about it. Then Headgear jumped in with a definite HC. One more tweet was all it took and Skidmark changed his SC to a HC and Texas Ranger said, “Yes”, too!! I know that Hamburglar would have also HC’d but he had a prior commitment (a “PC”??) with Bubbles for a 14 mile jaunt starting at 6 am.

I figured with our 4 HC’s and the regulars who attend Elevation Monday (usually 4-6 PAX), EM had a fightin’ chance for bragin’ rights for the week. With double digits, EM was definitely competitive! While YHC checked the F3GrandStrand Website for details about EM, TR contacted One Call to let him know that 4 runners would be attending the Beatdown. The Website said that ElevationMonday was open to all Ruckers & Runners so what could go wrong? That’s when TR and the rest of the runners were informed the we need to bring a ruck! What?? One Call let us know that EM no longer planned out running/rucking workouts because they haven’t seen a runner since the first installment!

No worries, the running PAX would just modify and we would all get a great beatdown. Now with the details hammered out the night before, all we had to do is Get Up & Get Moving in the a.m.

At 4:45 YHC received a text . . . and I thought, “this can’t be good”. Could this be a chink in the armor?? It wasn’t . . . it was just Headgear letting YHC know that he was running about 5 minutes late but would catch up to us. Great!!

When YHC arrived at the Hulk, the Ruckers (One Call, Lombardi, & Bling) and Texas Ranger were already in the lot. As we stepped into the Gloom greetings were made and TR informed us that Skidmark called in sick today (with the other 17.5 million Americans who have “Super Bowl Fever”). Then Headgear rolled in just before Go Time!

Unfortunately, we would not hit double digits this morning, but 6 PAX was a solid number. Would it be enough, though, to beat B.I.G. Monday at BombSquad? Only time would tell.

2 sandbags were unloaded from the back of One Call’s truck to be used by the Ruckers as there was light discussion about the runners each strapping on a ruck. #NotToday.

The Plan, therefore, was to do interval training on the bridge utilizing the markers (50, 100, 150 . . . 350, 400 meters/yrds) painted on the east side of the bridge. The Ruckers would ruck and the Runners would run.

4:59 – One Minute Warning

5:00 – Silent disclaimer

Headlamps were lit & sandbag were lifted. Away we went.


Time to Make the Donuts” – Today we would be running various sized loops (“Donuts”). Our goal is the get a full Dozen.

Donut #1 – Starting at the base of the east side of the Bridge, we ran along Col. Bob Bell Path;  then west on 62nd Avenue towards the YMCA, turning right on Claire Chapin Epps Drive, past the Barc Parc and back to the base of the bridge.

Donut #2 – Base of Bridge to 400 meter marker (top of bridge) back down to the base

Donut #3 – Base of Bridge to 350 meter marker then back down to the base

Donut #4 – Base of Bridge to 300 meter marker then back down to the base

Donut #5 – Base of Bridge to 250 meter marker then back down to the base

Donut #6 – Base of Bridge to 200 meter marker then back down to the base

Donut #7 – Base of Bridge to 150 meter marker then back down to the base

Donut #8 – Base of Bridge to 100 meter marker then back down to the base

Donut #9 – Base of Bridge to 50 meter marker then back down to the base

Donut #10 – Base of Bridge to 50 meter marker then back down to the base

Donut #11 – Base of bridge to  east towards 62nd Avenue then back to the base

Accelerate up and over the Bridge

Donut #12 – At base of West side of Bridge turn and return up the Bridge to Pick up the Six then return to the base.

At base of Bridge we sprinted 150 yards back to Hulk Parking Lot passing Hamburglar & Bubbles as they started their 14 mile jaunt.

At this point Headgear & YHC logged 6.2 miles and Texas Ranger logged a hair under 5.9 miles. Texas needed to get at least 6 miles in, so we turned back towards the bridge to pick up the Ruckers

Donut #13 – Starting at Hulk we ran to west side base of the Bridge, picked up the Ruckers  then turned around for a final loop back to the Hulk!

It was a great morning!! SEE “What to Do . . .what to do . . ” BackBlast for full details for the Ruckers.

Count-o-Rama = 6


Announcements: See “What to do . . .what to do . . “ BackBlast

Prayers: Led by One Call

Moleskin: It was a great experience being part of ElevationMondays. Seeing what the Ruckers were enduring during their beatdown was truly a motivator. Every time we crossed paths, the adrenalin kicked in to push up the bridge as the miles clicked by. Special thanks to the Rucker for letting us crash your party. . . maybe we’ll have to do it all over again next week!!

NOTE: The Monday Challenge ended in a TIE.: 6 PAX for B.I.G. Monday and 6 PAX for ElevationMonday!










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