Sure hope this is the right date

Sure hope this is the right date

Workout Date:





Picachu, Kiwi, Single Barrel, Quaker, YHC

The Thang:

Conditions: This probably will be last day of Summer-like mornings 75 degrees and humid as a cold front approaches this weekend.  I show up ready to go this Thursday morn because I showed up Tuesday to Q quickly realizing that Flop had the Q and I had been mistaken and was supposed to be at Timeshare to Q.  The Timeshare Pax were quick to blast me on twitter, so Cobains for getting my dates mixed.  Anyway, Q was prepared a few days early.


22 Merkins OYO
1 Merkin
2 Merkin
IW 20 IC
3 Merkin
Windmill 15 IC
4 Merkins
Tempo Squats 20 IC
5 Merkins

Little Baby Arm Circles 15 IC
Reverse 15 IC
Over Head Claps 15 IC

Mosey to baseball diamond (man these things are groomed up well (T claps to CFCC)

inning 1: moseying between bases
1st 20 Merkins
2nd 20 squats
3rd 20 flutters IC
Home 20 mountain climbers (2 count)

inning 2: lunge walk between bases; 15 reps of each previous listed exercise

inning 3: bear crawl between bases; 10 reps

inning 4: crab walk between bases; 5 reps

Mosey to bleachers: 11’s dips/step-ups (each leg)
Mosey back to shovel flag (imaginary)


22 Merkins to recognize that 22 of our veterans commit suicide each day.

Announcements: Nov 30th CCU Football Tailgate 2nd F (RSVP for food), Christmas Party Dec 7th.

Prayers: Picachu’s neighbor who passed away and her family, Kiwi’s Family member.

Moleskin: Great to see the core group at Catapult who demonstrate great leadership.  Thanks for letting me lead.

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