Surprise Blocks!!!

Surprise Blocks!!!

Workout Date:





Jingles (Respect), Ezekiel (Respect/DR - CarPex), Billboard, Valvano, OneCall, Nails (2.0), Rousey, Bubbles, Lookout (DR - CarPex), RoadRunner (Respect/ DR - Paris, France), PapaSmurf (TripleRespect), BoonesFarm (Respect/DR - Kernersville), Flash, Amway (DR - Concord), RiceKrispies (DR-Raleigh), Chyna (DR - Columbia), Karma, Lombardi, Skimmer, Bling

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: HOT. Temp only said 80 but with 93% humidity, it was a scorcher.

It’s a Saturday at Warthog so there is always a lot of activity here.  WaveRucker, Salty Gears, JudeeChop and the occasional pre-run…mini-marathon is around the corner so expect more of these pre-runs.  YHC rolled up to the parking lot at 0455, just in time to ruck for a couple of miles and hit 3 sets of Robbie Millers with Bling, OneCall, Nails (2.0), Valvano, Ezekiel, and Rousey.   Ezekiel, Rousey and YHC then split off to JudeeChop where Sensei Rousey equipped the PAX with some useful knowledge and skills.  He’s like a Buddhist Ninja Monk!  Finishing up JudeeChop and other PAX are rolling in.  YHC is a accustomed to the WaveRucker and Salty Gears crews finishing up right on time so they can join the Warthog beatdown.  Salty Gears rolled in as DR PAX were introducing themselves and still no WaveRucker…next thing you know it is 7:01..oops..

Quick Disclaimer


Intro to Box Breathing – Inhale 6 seconds, Hold 6 seconds, Exhale 6 seconds, Hold 6 seconds, just a few sets.

Stretch – Raised Arm Pose, Standing Forward Bend, Standing Straddle and stretch each side and down the middle.

SSH x30 IC



Warthog Cherry Pickers x10 IC

BombSquad Cherry Pickers x15 IC

OHC x15 IC

OHP x20 IC

High Knees x 25 IC

Some other leg stretch and range of motion exercises YHC didn’t know the name to.

Merkins x22 OYO

Mosey to trucks where between Bling, Flash and YHC we had enough cinder blocks for everyone to partner up and each group take a block.  Original Plan was to time a mile but realizing that some guys would just be too fast, YHC wanted to slow them down and brought a few coupons but realizing that Billboard carries enough blocks in his truck to help build The Wall, the plan changed.  Now everyone has a partner and each group has a block right?  Okay.

Mosey to the bridge.

Merkins x22 OYO

Run the 1.1 miles around Grand Lake with your partner and a block.  Partners can exchange blocks at whatever interval they like.  If one partner is struggling, the other may carry the block for him.

Meet up at the playground

1st Round – 1 min Merkins, 2 min BBSUs, 1 Min choice of pull-ups/burpees/squats

2nd Round – 45 sec Merkins, 1 min BBSUs, 45 Sec choice pull-ups/burpees/squats

3rd Round – 30 sec merkins, 45 sec BBSUs,

Ran out of time…

Take Blocks back to the trucks


19 PAX plus Skimmer who biked and warmed up with us but left and Bling who rucked but had to get to his tee time…what’s that all about???


Sign up for the Iron PAX Challenge.  We are working out anyway and it will be fun.   We should have everyone signed up for this one.

Check out GrowRuck in November.  Flash will lead the Q on this and says it is filling up already.

Check out Slack and the new #rangetime channel.  A GORUCK firearms event is how YHC got EH’d into this brotherhood.  We have found that several PAX would enjoy some time on the range and sporting clays course.

Keep EH’ing and keep supporting our AOs.


-Traveling PAX

-Victims, their families and First Responders of El Paso and Dayton tragedies.

-Our own families.


This beatdown was initially meant to be a baseline measurement to see how fast we could all run a mile, how many merkins in 1 minute, how many BBSUs in 2 minutes and how many pull-ups we could all do.  The thought was that all of these numbers would be written down and compared when/if we were to do this again.  For some reason, YHC started modifying this almost as soon as showing up to the AO and some of it was modified as PAX were picking up their blocks.  Could it be the new hashtag floating around has grown on him???

YHC partnered up with Jingles…Jingles didn’t choose this but YHC was all that was left.  Jingles kept the pace going pretty good and we were at the front of the PAX until Papa Smurf and RoadRunner passed us by!  Those guys are beasts!  YHC picked up the pace to take the lead again and Jingles helped keep the pace.  YHC did not realize until later that Bubbles and Flash chose to carry their blocks the entire time!  Flash had a super block that weighed at least 2-3 times that of a normal block and Bubbles also biked to the AO and home afterwards!  These guys are IMPRESSIVE!  The AMRAP rounds were killer as well.  Much more so than YHC anticipated.  Maybe it was the heat and humidity or maybe everyone pushed themselves but we were all smoked at the end!  It’s always great to have DR PAX join us from all over. Ezekiel and Lookout are pretty much locals now. It was awesome having Road Runner in from France.  Boones Farm, Amway, Rice Krispies and Chyna, you all are welcome to join us anytime as well!  Papa Smurf is right down the road at BlackBeard but it is always great when he posts with us at Warthog! The Warthog regulars that round off the PAX are what makes this AO a great place as well.  All in all.  Smoked…It is truly an honor to serve this group of PAX.






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