Sweatin’ at the Pit Stop

Sweatin’ at the Pit Stop

Workout Date:





Kitten, Sunshine, Real Deal (FNG, Michael, 55 years old, respect!), Papyrus, Rubber, Roger Federer

The Thang:

There were several potential PAX milling about at the Pit Stop when I arrived around 7:15 on a beautiful morning for a workout. Roger Federer ran inside to try to drum up some PAX and FNG’s. At 7:29, with five PAX present, I gave the 1-minute warning. At 7:30 I gave the disclaimer, and the workout began. A few minutes into the workout, an FNG came out and joined us for the rest of the time.


20 flutter kicks ic

20 lbc ic

20 merkins ic

20 mountain climbers ic

20 ttt ic

20 iw ic

20 arm circles (forward and reverse) ic

20 overhead press ic

20 ssh ic

After this, we moseyed to the grassy area behind the shelter, partnered up and did the following Dora exercise: 100 merkins, 150 lbc, 200 squats. Great job picking up the 6 for the guys who finished first!

Roger Federer interjected that he had a good exercise for us to do. He led us in doing a low plank and side planks.

Next, we moseyed to the picnic tables and did “Dippy” (dips every time they say the word “happy” during the Pharrell Williams song “Happy”). Most of us (except Rubber, I think) modified halfway through and did squats instead of dips.

Finally, we closed with 11’s with imperial walkers at one end of the lot and windmills at the other end. After everyone was done, we planked for about a minute. Time was called at 8:15.

Announcements: Baseball game Monday night at 7:05.

Prayer requests: Praises for Survivor getting into permanent housing; Scout (who made a cameo at the end) asked prayers for things at school and Real Deal led us in the Lord’s prayer; Papyrus had an upcoming doctor’s appointment; Reborn’s foot; Sunshine’s foot.

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