Sweet 16

Sweet 16

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


War Eagle, Boulder (FNG - Mike), Brownbag (Respect), Handy Manny, Little Rock (FNG - Kevin), Humpback, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:

Mid 50’s, a little damp, but clear

YHC showed up to the AO at 05:15 to check out the conditions after last night’s storm. Everything was damp, but overall looked decent in the parking lot so I decided that this would be the spot for a good morning beatdown/introduction to F3 for the one FNG that I knew was coming. Handy Manny and I had EH’d Kevin (Little Rock) from our weekly bible study, and I didn’t want to discourage him on Day 1 by getting down and dirty on the soccer fields.

Little Rock was the first one to roll in at 05:25 ready for this beatdown, followed by War Eagle who brought another FNG! Brownbag rolled in right at the 1 min warning. Looking like we were only going to have 5 I went ahead with the disclaimer.

Then Handy Manny shows up from the gloom with his running gear on and joins in our COP.


SSH x 20 IC – It was at this point that Humpback showed up! Now we are talking!

Merkins x 10 IC

TTT x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

LBAC x 21 IC

*Mission of F3 for the FNGs


*5 Core elements of an F3 beatdown for the FNGs

Overhead Claps x 20

Merkins x 10 IC

Windmill x 20 IC

2 Laps around the parking lot finishing at the coupon pile

The THANG – The Sweet 16
Everybody grabbed a coupon and I threw out a couple of questions to the group:

  1. Anybody know whats starting on Thursday? – Sweet 16! – Humpback, correct
  2. Anybody remember one of my alma maters who just so happens to still be in the tournament? – Silence.. it was at this point that I took off my sweatshirt, revealing my Texas Tech shirt!
  3. Anybody remembers what seed they are? – Boulder guessed a 4 seed, I politely reminded him that they were a 3 seed and that they would be glad that they were seeded as such.

Round 1 – 10 min AMRAP

16 Curls

16 Tricep Extensions

16 Overhead Press

16 Bent Over Rows

Run down to the other end of the parking and do 3 burpees (#3seed)

Round 2 – 10 min AMRAP

16 Squats

16 Calf Raises

16 Block Swings

16 Jump Shots

Run down to the other end of the parking and do 3 burpees (Thank god they weren’t a 12 seed)

Round 3 – Elevens

Merkins and Prisoner Squats

Start with 10 Merkins, run across, 1 Prisoner Squat

9 Merkins/2 PS, 8/3, etc


5 Min. of Mary

Finished with some PAX choice of MARY (with the veterans all picking an exercise to show the FNGs)

Brownbag – American Hammers

Humpback – Flutterkicks

War Eagle – Hello Dollys

Handy Manny – Freddy Mercury

PSA: Do NOT lie down and do the first half of your Mary in an anthill. It sucks. 


Count-O-Rama – 7, with 2 FNGs!

  • Named FNG Boulder– guy is from Colorado and as big as boulder
  • Named FNG Little Rock – From Little Rock and also as big as a boulder, thought it was fitting to continue the rock theme

Announcements – Dragon Boat still needs a few paddlers! We are 1 month away, help us defend our championship! Get with myself or Brownbag and we can get you the information needed if you want to join in.
Prayer requests unspoken
BOM by Handy

– As always, a total honor to Q. Was really cool to have two FNGs come out and join the brotherhood. Happy Birthday to Boulder (who came out to F3 on his birthday) and to Little Rock who came on the day AFTER his birthday! (Should make it really easy to remember your one year anniversaries!) Really great push by both of these men. Please welcome them and continue to push them if you see them.

– Great work by Brownbag, Humpback, War Eagle, and of course Handy. Did a great job with the mumble chatter and showing the FNGs how its done!


Texas Ranger


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