Take IT on the Run

Take IT on the Run

Workout Date:





HotTub, Quaker, High Interest, Flyover

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 66 degrees, cool

5:14 – Official 1 Minute Warning

Quaker was first to arrive at the Hulk, closely followed by Flyover. As we exited our trucks, the cool weather was discussed as was our lingering injuries. Each PAX made some feeble attempts to stretch out the kinks, apparently Rousey put quite a beatdown on everyone on Wednesday and the residual effects of said beatdown were continuing to remind Flyover that we are all getting older.  High Interest then arrived ready for his 1/2 Marathon training to begin. Continuing stretching we all wondered if Hottub would post as we neared 5:15. With 20 seconds to spare, Hottub came rolling in Hot

Everyone seemed to linger just a bit as the clock chimed 5:15. . . then we were off and the mumblechatter began. Under the International Drive Overpass and a hard left up to the bridge.  All PAX had a fellowship pace and all were glad. There were no rabbits among us today as we cruised up and over the bridge enjoying the fall-like temperature and gentle breeze.

Down the other side and a 2nd hard right past the the Barc Park & the YMCA, then bare to the right on to Claire Chapin Epps Drive heading toward 62nd avenue & Bypass 17. Traffic seemed heavier this morning as we waited for an opening to cross (#nofrogger. . .#safetyfirst). Across the highway and onto Frontage Road as we paralleled the highway. At 65th Avenue we turned towards The Village.  Shouts of Hello to The Village PAX as they warmed-up in the COP.

Flyover calls out 1 mile mark, we’re now warmed up and on our way to the beach!!

When we arrive at the beach its into the sand for a slight southern stroll to the next beach access and our return trip home.

West on 65th Avenue we arrived at The Village. Flyover & Quaker completed 1 victory lap  around the AO as we tried to find The Village PAX. The AO was sooo quite we thought they may have run off campus. But Wait!! We found them silently pushing themselves on the B-ball Court. If Flyover & I did not make a visual of the PAX we would have probably run right past them! (#stealth mode). . . Hottub and High Interest opted for a more direct route and foregoed the Victory Lap.

Back across 17 Flyover spoted our fellow runners about a block ahead of us. As we neared each other we realized that only Hottub was running and High Interest was MIA.  Apparently High Interest needed to make an early morning deposit!!(#whennaturecalls) We all then regrouped & headed past the Y and onto the bridge . . .time to sprint!! Quaker led the charge but was readily surpassed by Hottub, a random biker, and finally by Flyover. At the top of the Bridge Hottub circled back to pick up High Interest and guide him back to the Hulk, while Flyover & Quaker continued to push on together to the finish.

By the Numbers: . . .5.6 Miles . . . 53.6 Minutes. . . 9.37 Pace . . . 78 ft Elevation Gained . . . 9,446 Steps

Hottub prayed us out!!




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