Take the field by 10’s

Take the field by 10’s

Workout Date:





Castaway (Plank AOQ), ERC, Lombardi, Kiwi (Dbl R), Candycane, Pikachu ((Co 3Rd F Q)QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Plank

Conditions: Perfect High 40’s

Plank needed some help this month so the Catapult men have really stepped up to help out here. Kiwi led the charge by stepping up and then we kind of fell in line. Now only if Hot Tub, Tiny Dancer, Cyclone, Streaker would get back in the Q sheet. I figured it would be me and Candycane as Castaway was out sick a few days but two HC’s came in from Castaway and Kiwi. So I was excited and really excited to see ERC (Fellow Bills Fan) and Lombardi show up. Just good people to be around.

Came up with a rare block free workout utilizing the field and make this workout a little different and keep everyone together. Timing this was a challenge as I’ve never done this type of workout before. Typical me: not sure how this is going to work but I did have it mapped out in my brain. Visually I built the workout and every step was calculated. Just what I do.

One Minute Warning

Proper Disclaimer, F3 Mission etc…


All exercises in cadence 20 Harry Rocketts, 15 TS, 15 HB, 15 LBAC, F&R, wait no SSH who can this be. And the pax still survived. One lap around Track and told pax to meet back at the 10

All Pax Start on the 10 (on the number 10) mosey diagonal to 10, parallel to the 10, diagonal back to the 10 then parallel back to beginning 10. This was done on ever number. 10,2.0,30,40.

Plank in the six at original starting point and plank for 10,20,30,40 &50 seconds at the end of each round.

Except the 50, we did  50 to the opposite 50 back to the center of the field.

Each number had an exercise associated with it and we did that number of reps at each number.

10 Snow angels (40 Total)

20 Sand Humpers  (80 Total)

30 Carolina Dry Docks (120 Total) Crowd Pleaser

40 Gas Pumpers (160 Total)

50 SSH (2ct) (200 Total)

Suicides kinda, we just ran the entire circuit without the exercise at each number, and had three minutes to spare so we did a closing lap.


Count-O-Rama 6

Name-O-Rama 6


Freed to bleed Feb 4th, Charity Water (Not seeing this in anyone else’s BB) let’s go men. Q source Tuesdays, Paintball with Jetah and friends Jan 29th.

Prayers for Kiwis daughter to find a place to live, Unspoken



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