Taking out the trash

Taking out the trash

Workout Date:





Beaker, Viagra, Barbie, Ziploc (F3 Denver)

The Thang:

0510—Rain outta nowhere, not even on the radar

0514—Wetness subsides to reveal a most beautiful morning…let’s go



SSH x 20 (IC)

ROL/LOR–scratched as most PAX performed while exchanging pleasantries

Dippy Birds x 10 (IC) Each leg…we could tell who partook last night

Arm Circles…little front, back, OH clap, big back, front (the PAX either did some homework and read some of YHC’s BB’s or Lombardi has them trained well as “keep them up” wasn’t even needed here)

Off we go…grab the shovel flag and a mysterious bag we have with us.

Mosey to the beach


Upon opening the bag, revealed to us is a roll of contractor bags to which Barbie was quick to get the Hefty reference.

Partner up, one bag per team, fill with sand to your weight preference. Other PAX plank until done.

Marker was set 50 yards out. Partner one runs out to the marker, stays, and performs an exercise without the coupon until he gets the bag delivered. Partner two which is at the base marker with shovel flag, performs the exercise with said coupon, then runs/rucks it down to his partner. He then runs back to the original spot. Repeato, repeato.

Round 1

Coupon Exercise-Curls x 100 as team

Non-Coupon Exercise-WW1 sit ups(arms all the way back then touch your toes)

Round 2

Coupon exercise-Squats x 100

NC Exercise-Merkins

Round 3

Coupon Exercise-Trifectas…scratched as this would not have gone well with a wet bag of sand. Replaced with Upright Rows x 100

NC Exercise-Freddie Mercury

Return the salt to the earth and mosey back to the launchpad.


Dr. W’s (IC) x 10…PAX favorite

The round the horn

ETK’s (Elbows to Knees) (IC) x 10 each side—Ziploc

ETK’s 2.0 (Legs extended) (IC) x 10 each side—Beaker

American Hammer (IC) x 15—Viagra

Corkscrew to Dancing Bear (IC) x 15—Barbie


John 8:32

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

In this time of Freedom celebration, there is one freedom that trumps them all. The freedom from the slavery and bondage of sin. HE is the TRUTH.



Announcements—There is talk of a Reynolds Family beatdown next Saturday July 14th. If you have not experienced this you should. Somehow they make an hour seem like 3.

Prayer Out


-Always a pleasure to join the GS crew on vaca. Even more fun to Q at a different AO and options. (I hear there’s even a patch)

-Great to have fellow Denver brother Ziploc join and even more impressive after his phone was stolen off the beach yesterday. What did you use as an alarm?

-Lots of PAX confusion on what to use to fill the coupons. We have a shovel and there’s a lot of sand out here:-)…”oh that’s what a shovel is for?”

-Viagra and Beaker got some extra credit, as YHC was left without a partner(missed you *lu*b*r), they initially body dragged the second coupon to make sure a brother didn’t miss any of the beatdown.

-Also, never, ever let Beaker fill your coupon. He was the “Fresh Parmesan” guy and no one knew when to say stop.

-Barbie quickly motioned for a renaming after Zippy mistook him for “Army.” #YouHaveToSpeakIntoHisGoodEar


Always a pleasure to lead and be lead by the PAX.




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