Task Force Ranger

Task Force Ranger

Workout Date:





BrownBag(R), ERC, BeefSteak, Elsa, MrsDoubtfire, BillyBlanks, CrossStitch, Spork, Humpback, Rubber, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Cool 70 degrees.  Rained all around but not at BombSquad.

The Battle of Mogadishu, Somalia took place 28 years ago 03 Oct 93 – 04 Oct 93.   The United States had deployed troops consisting of US Army Rangers, US Special Forces, US Army Special Operations Aviators, US Navy SEALS and US Air Force Pararescue and Combat Controllers as part of Operation Gothic Serpent with a primary mission to capture the Somali warlord responsible for attacks on UN Forces providing support to the aid missions for the starving Somali people.  The mission that day was supposed to take about an hour but when one of the BlackHawk helicopters was shot down, it turned into an 18 hour battle.   19 US Soldiers lost their lives and 73 were wounded.  Malaysia and Pakistan each also lost a soldier.   Estimates of Somali deaths range from over 300 to the thousands.  Images of US soldiers being dragged through the streets of Somalia were broadcast on the news and one pilot had been captured.  Delta Force operators MSG Gary Ivan Gordon and SFC Randy Shughart were killed defending the crew of the second downed BlackHawk Super-Six-Four.  They were both posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.


2 Minute Warning



SSH x15 IC

IW x15 IC

Windmills x14 IC

TTT x20 IC


Merkins x22 OYO

Mosey to the bleachers between the baseball fields.


Battle of Mogadishu

Oct 3-4 1993

Task Force Ranger 

19 US Soldiers Dead.  73 Wounded.  


Tempo Merkins x 19 IC

Alternating Side-Squats x19 IC

Step-ups x19 OYO (2 count)

KrakenBurpee x19 OYO


FlutterKicks x19 IC

Overhead Clap Burpees x19 OYO

Reverse burpee x19 OYO

CarolinaDryDocks x19 IC

Extra Burpees x19 OYO


Renegade Row Burpee x19 OYO

AmericanHammers x19 IC

NolanRyans x19 IC

GorillaHumpers x19 IC

Extra burpees x19 OYO

RangerMerkins x19 IC


Mogadishu Mile – Run 4 laps around the fields and parking lot, then head back to the ShovelFlag. 

Burpees x5 (To make an even 100).

Time called.

Announcements – F3 Ten Year – Oct 8-10.  There are still a couple of available registrations and if you can’t make the whole weekend, clown car up for the Saturday beatdown.  Every Man a Warrior kicked off last Friday and will continue on each Friday morning at the Lion’s Den.  F3 Dad’s and 2.0s Camping October 22-23 at the Myrtle Beach State Park.  FreedToBleed Oct 29th, sign up now.

Prayers – Nancy, Carol for health and Steph to find the right job.

It’s great to be back out at #BombSquad for BigMonday!  This was a great push by all!  ERC and BeefSteak make it all look effortless and BrownBag stepped up and made us all chase him for the Mogadishu Mile.  Rubber told us about his friend, David, who fought in The Battle of Mogadishu.   If you visit him at Little River Gun Shop, he might even tell you some stories.  Great work by all!



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