Tearin’ Off the Band-Aid!!

Tearin’ Off the Band-Aid!!

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HotTub, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 74 degrees, perfect

Almost 9 months ago to the day The Village opened and the Hulkamaniacs made an executive decision to suspend our typical 45 minute run sessions at The Hulk and opt for a pre-run to and from The Hulk to The Village’s Friday Beatdowns. We wanted to build the numbers and have consistency at The Village . . .well 9 months in, The Village is Strong and has an abundance of leaders #HIM and the time was right to resuscitate The Hulk! We all missed our longer runs on Fridays and with the MB 1/2 Marathon on the horizon the time was right.

YHC arrived at the AO at 5:05 and as I pulled into the lot 2 fellow PAX Trucks were already in the lot. These vehicles were not owned by the Usual Hulkamaniac but both had F3 stickers on the back window. As I parked I noticed that no one was in the Trucks and deduced that these brothers were here to ride not to run and had already begun there beatdown for the day. After stretching for a few minutes Hottub arrived. We waited a few minutes for Kitten (#nottoday) . . . It has been a while since we did longer runs but the time had come to “Tear the Band-Aid Off” and get after it!! . . .So it begins!!

5:14 – Silent 1 Minute Warning


Over the bridge, past the YMCA and across Hwy 17. We continued straight along 67th street, crossed business 17, and hit the beach after 25 minutes.

At the Beach we ran north to the next beach access and began our return trip to The Hulk. Our pace was at 9:30.  As we ran west, we worked our way a few blocks north and ran through The Village to encourage our fellow PAX during their IronPax Beatdown!

After leaving the AO, we crossed Bypass 17, turned left pass the YMCA, and continued up and over the bridge, returning to The Hulk at the 55 minute mark with 5.5 miles logged under our feet!

It was great being out running with Hottub again! Thank you

Aye! Quaker


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