Thank you Royce

Thank you Royce

Workout Date:





Quaker (1st FQ), Beefstake (BS AOQ), Megalodon (Beefstake 2.0) First Base, Candycane, Burgandy, Rousey, Luigi, King James (Rousey 2.0) Pikachu QIC

The Thang:

What to do, I needed to switch up the blocks as that’s what I’m mainly known for. I’m in Q you can almost guarantee I’ll be doing blocks. But today I needed to switch it up, keep the guys guessing. I did notice the numbers were slightly down today. Must be the Pax didn’t want a dose of bicep punishment. Well not today boys, not today. Sat down last night and planned out a workout that did not include a single block. But the target was full body and legs. Focus on the legs. Talked with Candycane last night about a pre-run and had that setup.

Fast forward Saturday morning, I didn’t set my alarm to the right time so I missed the pre-run, dogs and cats this am we’re not cooperative and took longer than expected, so my pre run turned into a pre-teaser and now the rain begins. Where did this come from. Seems like my plan was falling apart. But I did manage 1 1/2 miles before the workout and Candycane got in a few more than me.

Pax are slowly rolling in and well we have 10. Awesome! Let’s go


15 Ea, Harry Rockets, IW, TS, HB (Light sprinkle begin) LBACF OHC (Full down pour) LBACR (getting soaked) ok let’s mosey to canopy and finish up. 20 SSH.

Now time to adjust the original plan to adapt to the conditions.

Segment 1) 20 London Bridge on front of bldg ledge, 20 Dips on bldg ledge, 20 Steps ups on the pillars,

Repeat with 10 each OYO,

Segment 2) Mtn Climbers with knee tap, 30 single count, hold plank when finished, 20 Merkins, 20 Mtn Climbers with knee tap, 10 Merkins. Good plank session.

Segment 3) Next up Gas Pumpers and time to partner up for some Dora style.   Rain was slowing up a bit. I gave a demonstration on Gas Pumpers, and made the comment that if you didn’t flex your core that you could do these all day with no effect. And Royce (aka First Base) decided to poke the bear. He made the comment so what are we going to do 500 of these. So the proper response I gave was yes, everyone we will do 500 has pumpers as a team and everyone can thank Royce for the ridiculous number to be completed. P2 mosey around the cross and back to the canopy.  This definitely took a while with the short mosey and about 30 at a time. So, Thank you Royce!

Rain had stopped, let’s get out of hiding use the parking lot.

Segment 4) 4 Rounds AMRAP, Dora style, but basically two teams, Merkins, P2 mosey to other side of parking lot and back. Merkins will be completed IC, go down on the merkin, hold for three seconds and up on the fourths second. So basically and low plank hold with a merkin. 4 Rounds AMRAP.

Segment 5) Walk Like an Eqyptian around the parking lot and back to the COT. Quads were smoked after this. I took a good 10-12 minutes to competes this and everyone held lunge position for that length of time. True leg killer.

Segment 6) COT Hold Plank for 1:30 and this leaves us time for some stretching.

Beefstake led us in some stretching


Count-O-Rama 10

Announcements Good luck tomorrow to the Spartan Race guys, July 16 Freed to Bleed GIVE BLOOD! Let’s get 100 Sasquatch see Quaker or Hambuglar,

Prayers for my mom

Quaker led us in prayer,


Honor to lead today and appreciate all the men who dealt with the change of plans and adaptability today.




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