Thankful Thursday #F3 style!!

Thankful Thursday #F3 style!!

Workout Date:





Geno, Lombardi, Screaming Eagle, Scuba Steve, Turn/cough, Stewie, Varsity, Car Max, FNG Head gear!

The Thang:

Weather:  65 degrees, rain stayed away Thankfully

One minute warning given, welcomed FNG Charlie,

Ten second warning, disclaimer given (Geno not suing me) Thankful for this

All came in close for pre-beat down prayer

Warmups began with 40 SSH, 30 imperial walkers, 10 burpees, 19 overhead claps, 20 Thru the tunnel, 20 little baby arm circles forward, keep em out 20 in reverse, keep em out 20 cherry pickers, 10 burpees, mosey to bridge: half way did bear crawl, other half crabwalk, then 25 merkins & 25 big boys, plank.

Mosey to fountains park to be thankful for some rounds of 4 Corners:

First round: corner #1= 25 big boys,  #2= 30 LBC, #3= 60 one count flutters, #4= 90 Squats, back to #1 plank  A little thankful mumble chatter about Squats amount!!

Second round: corner #1= 20 merkins, #2= 40 air presses, #3=  60 lunges (30 each leg), #4= 80 bicycle crunches, back to #1 plank

Third round: corner #1= 25 carolina dry docks, #2= 50 turkish get ups (25 each arm), #3= 75 plank jacks, #4= 100 american hammers, back to #1 plank  A bit of Thankful mumble chatter about amount of plank jacks!!

Mosey across street for some Indian run to the way back to cars and COT along with name aroma!!  Charles was Thankful for coming to his first F3 workout and his great naming Head Gear!

No prayer request so just unspoken ones!

Thankful for the honor and privilege to lead my F3 brothers.  Extremely thankful all of you in this group that have gotten me through some very tough 3 years!!  Thanks all of you!!


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