Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Workout Date:





Penelope, Pikachu

The Thang:

Conditions– High 30s- BRISK.

I have been out with a back strain injury for over a week, so it was good to get back in action. I was the first one who arrived, followed by Pikachu and Penelope arrived at 5:16am asking what time we get started at Catapult (NOW haha) 🙂 I had a feeling that the turnout would be a the low side as I put feelers out yesterday to some FNGs and Kotters, but no takers because of the “cold” weather.

F3 GS mission was stated and disclaimer (sort of between Pikachu and I) was given.


20- Harry Rockets IC

15- IWs IC

15 – TTT IC

25- SSHs IC

10- Windmills IC

15- Hillbillies IC

15- Tempo Squats IC


15- LBOC (in reverse) IC

15- OHCs IC

The Thang

We moseyed around AO to coupon pile. I asked the other PAXs to pick their block of choice. I opted for the smaller coupon due to my back concerns. I went through the “Countdown to Thanksgiving” set of exercises in ladder type style (down for one exercise and up again repeating all exercises as you work your way down) I advised all PAX to modify as needed UP or DOWN. Also, I asked each PAX when they completed each exercise to think about something that they are thankful for:

10 = Mosey (to the light on cross and back)

9= 20 LBCs

8= 15 Merkins

7= 35 Squats

6= 25 Overhead Press

5= 20 SSHs

4= 25 2ct Flutters

3= 25 Shoulder Taps

2= 25 Curls

1= 25 Lunges

We completed the above set by 5:52 a.m. Returned blocks to coupon pile and came back to the COT.


Circled up for MARY- PAX Choice and asked each of us to discuss what we are thankful after each exercise:

15- Freddie Mercurys IC O’Douls- thankful for my family support and F3 brothers

30- Flutter Kicks IC Penelope- thankful for health

15- “Earl Specials” IC Pikachu- thankful for his healthy daughter and god blessing him with a perfect child at birth 14 years ago




Announcements- Freed to Bleed, Go Wave Ruck event, Catapult/Village convergance on Thanksgiving

I prayed us out.

It was great to be back and honor to lead gentlemen.


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