Thanksgiving Beast!!!

Thanksgiving Beast!!!

Workout Date:





Viagra (Respect), Cubby, Enron, Flyby, Sandusky (DR Rockhill)

The Thang:


I was very curious as to how many pax were going to show up for a pre turkey beatdown, but i was not disappointed from my Timeshare boys..  We have 1 pax join us from Rockhill Region and after introductions we hit the ground running..


SSH x 20 IC, 5 Merkins OYO, IW x 20 iC, 5 Merkins OYO, Hillbillies x 20 IC, 5 Merkins OYO

Line Up  for some Dynamics (25 Yds)  High Knees, Butt Kicks, Lunges, Toy Soldier, Karaoke (Down and Back)

LETS MOSEY!  We head down to main street and around the corner to the big unpaved parking lot.  I take the pax straight to the Pylon’s  for Step Ups..

Step Ups- Approx 100 Yds Using Pylons-  Seems like MOST Pax were modifiying when i got to the end.  Not sure where they started (Or if they started????)

After that we grab 2x Loose Logs and split up into 2 teams for some racing.

At first i have the pax going the long way.  So Team Mate #1 Flips the log then takes off for 100yds down and back.  After Team Mate # 1 Flips, Team Mate #2 follows in suit right after and the team runs down and back continuing to move the log.  Our Tanks were not enjoying the long run so after about the 2nd down and back, i pulled them and switched to the short way.  We raced down and back.  (It was at this point that i found out later Flyby Merlot’d)  Put the logs back and lets get it.  We head up to the park and hit the water fountain.

Round 1- 10 Incline Merkins… Run down to Gazebo perform 10 Dips, and run back

Round 2- 10 Merkins… Run down to Gazebo perform 10 Dips, and run back

Round 3- 10 Derkins… Run down to Gazebo perform 10 Dips, and run back.

Mosey again to the Yoga Mat- Partner Up!

Round 1- Partner A-  AMRAP Big Bois, Partner B- Run up hill around building and back then switch

Round 2- Partner A- AMRAP LBC’s, Partner  B- Same as before then switch

Round 3- Partner A- AMRAP Flutter Kics, Partner B- Same as before then switch

At this point we have about 8 mins left so its time to mosey..  We head back to start via indian Run.    With about 50 yds out everyone is AYG back to the finish..   Enough time for a 10 count and Time is called.

Great work by the pax.  Solid workout and i think everyone was overdressed since we assumed since it was 45 on tues it wouldnt be 70 on thurs.

Announcements-  Freed to Bleed Dec 30 Carolina Forest

Cubby Lead us out in Prayer


Honor to lead


NOTE*  We need to add a “DR PAX” Tag.. Thoughts?

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