Thanksgiving Day Fun

Thanksgiving Day Fun

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O’douls, Kiwi (R),Crankbait,Single Barrel,Castaway (Village AOQ), Fergie, Hojo, Hojo 2.0, Johnny 5 (Waxhaw), C3PO ((Waxhaw)R), T1000 (Waxhaw), Pikachu (CP AOQ)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult/Village Convergence

Conditions: Perfect 65 degrees

Woke up to a perfect morning for a beatdown. Weather was perfect, sun was shining, birds were chirping, and the men of F3 have no idea what Thanksgiving day feast F3 style they were about to embark on. Not sure what to expect for numbers, Kiwi and Castaway brought a bunch of blocks as a special treat for the men. Blocks of all sizes to meet your modification. Kiwi developed the beginning of the workout and I filled in the exercises with Thanksgiving food themed names as well. It’s a fun twist to add to the non traditional F3 workout names. No crazy twists today. Just a good ole fashion beatdown

One Minute Warning

Kiwi starts us off

Proper Disclaimer, F3 Core Principles

16 HB IC, 16 IW IC, 16 Ea LBACF , R, OHC, Seal Clap,  16 TS IC.

Lets Mosey to larger Parking lot where the blocks are waiting.

21 Wing Workers (Curls).

The 16 & 21 series is to commemorate the first thanksgiving which took place in 1621.

50 Pumpkin Pie Press (Overhead Press) Their were 50 Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving

90 Turkey Feather Flappers (Side Straddle Hop) Their were 90 Wampanoag Indians at the first Thanksgiving

This concludes Kiwis portion of the workout

Alright, let’s take our blocks to the opposite end of the parking lot for a Dora series.

47 Million Turkeys are consumed today.

47 Gobble Squats- Basically a goblet squat. P2 does a mosey to Other side of P-Lot. Typical in this series.

1.3 Billion lbs Greenbeens are used today.

130 String Bean Press. Crossover Merkins on the blocks P2 same.


214 Million Lbs of Mashed Potatoes are consumed today.

214 Mashing Potatoes (Mt. Climbers) on or off the block. Pax choice.

This concludes the feast section. Now time to work those wings again. A little reminder today for them men when they are trying to eat dinner.

2 Wing Workers (Curls) added to each parking lot line. So 2,4,6.8,10, etc…. until we reach the end which is 24 Wing Workers. These will burn out your Biceps.

Put your blocks back and circle up for a modified COT.

Everyone shares what they are thankful for.

O’douls- Thankful for the tile he gets to spend with his Dad.

Kiwi- Thankful for the time he gets to spend with his mom and his so Will.

Crankbait- Thankful for the tike he got to spend with his dad before he passed.

Single Barrel- Thankful for his two boys as it appears there is a calm before the storm

Castaway- Thankful for the Men of F3. The bonds and men he’s met

Fergie- Thankful for the Men of F3. The bonds and men he’s met

Hojo- Thankful for Gods grace and relationship with his son

Hojo 2.0 Thankful for a Roof over his head

Johnny 5 (Waxhaw) Family and visit with Grandpa’s

C3P0 (Waxhaw) Family, wife, friends, dad

T1000 (Waxhaw) Health & Vacation

Pikachu- Thankful for being a Dad and being a dad to a wonderful daughter and amazing wife who tolerate me.

Time: Ended perfectly.

Count-O-Rama 12


Announcements- Turkey trot today and Freed to bleed.

Prayers- unspoken thanks Kiwi for leading us out.

It was fun and an Honor to Co-Q today. Fun was had by all men and a good hard push by everyone. I really enjoyed seeing Hojo and His son team up today and I think the little guy was outdoing dad. Through all our days we must not forget why we are here and the people that support our crazy life style.

Enjoy the time we have with our loved ones and good luck eating today men! Hahaha.







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