The 12 Days of Brick-mas

The 12 Days of Brick-mas

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Kitten, El Red Cardo, Brown Bag (Respect!), Skid Mark

The Thang:

The phone said it was 42 degrees when I ran into the empty parking lot at the Village at 5:20. After stretching out for about 8 minutes, the three other PAX came pulling into the parking lot at the same time. As soon as they exited the warmth of their vehicles, the one-minute warning was given, followed by the disclaimer at 5:30.


20 ssh ic

20 ttt ic

10 windmills ic

20 iw ic

20 arm circles (forward and reverse) ic

Mosey around the AO to the now-infamous brick pile

The Thang:

Since today was the third day of the season of Christmas, we celebrated with one of my favorite workout routines, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” But to add to the holiday cheer, we did the routine with a brick in each hand the whole time. Between each “day” of Christmas, PAX did amrap Sweat Angels (yes, with a brick in each hand) while waiting on the 6.

The 12 days of Brick-mas followed this pattern:

1 lap around the parking lot

2 2-count American hammers + 1 lap around the parking lot

3 star jumps + 2 2-count American hammers, etc.

4 burpee broad jumps, etc.

5 2-count lunges, etc.

6 big boys, etc.

7 plank jacks, etc.

8 burpees, etc.

9 ssh, etc.

10 jump squats, etc.

11 merkins, etc.

12 2-count mountain climbers, etc.

After surviving this routine, we closed the workout by doing Brick Webbs (like Jack Webbs or Block Webbs, but with bricks instead) all the way from 1 merkin and 4 overhead presses up to 8 merkins and 32 overhead presses.

At 6:15 time was called.

Announcements: Come out and support the men at the PitStop Saturdays from 7:30-8:15.

We prayed it out and headed home to spread Brick-mas cheer.


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