The 3 Amigos, or idiots

The 3 Amigos, or idiots

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Headgear, Stewy, Bling

The Thang:

Warthog- April 2nd.  Yes, my name was on the Q.  Looking at the weather yesterday I knew it would be ugly.  43 and raining, what a great start to the day!  I love getting a text from Weedeater last night.

weedeater- “I assume parking deck?”

me- “Yes, but you wont be there anyway!”

(Does anyone want to take a guess as to Weedeater’s attendance today…………………)

Pull into the lot at 0520- not a car in site.  Figuring on a cancel for everyone, I waited a few more minutes as only a dedicated Qmaster would.  And here comes Headgear…..why??  Then Stewy pulls in after……why??  I get out of my car, in the rain, and ask them the same question- why are you here?  We wait another 3-4 minutes and drive over to the parking deck, I am cranky and tired and do NOT want to be here.

But, as only a veteran Qmaster would do, I went ahead with the workout!  joined the boys at the bottom of the deck, gave an awesome disclaimer, “OK, don’t hurt yourselves”, and off we went.

mosey to the top of the deck (but not outside!). 20 SSH IC, 20 IW IC, Mosey back down to the bottom.  25 CDD IC, 25 flutters, IC, 50 crunched OYO.  We were properly warmed up!

To the stairs.  (We did this work out a few weeks ago before a KB workout and thought it was solid)

1 PAX does suicides on the stairs (up a level, back down, up 2 levels, back down, etc until the top). about 2.5 flights in total.  the other 2 PAX AMRAP merkins/plank.  switch until all 3 PAX are complete.

next round was skipping a step suicides.  other 2 PAX AMRAP calf raises until all 3 are done.  NICE!

walk slowly up to top skipping 3 steps (this was tough for Headgear as he is a little smaller in height!). Mosey back down 1 level to straightaway. 1 PAX sprints to end and back- other 2 PAX hold 6”- repeat until all 3 PAX are done 1 sprint.  Run backwards on straightaway- 10 count rest

3 levels left back down to bottom.  so, we would do Mountain climbers on each level with a mosey in between.  50, mosey, then 100, mosey, then end with 150 at the bottom.  couple minutes left- we did 1 more set of stairs together up- 50 crunches at top- back down…….TIME

I didnt want to be there this morning, but glad I got to spend time with these 2 awesome dudes.  Turns out God had other plans for the 3 of us today.  Went over a few announcements about 2nd F, Dragon Boat, etc.  I asked each about their spiritual lives as well, when Stewy informed us that yesterday his cousins were in Outer Banks and were hit by a car and killed, in front of their 2 kids.  Hannah and AJ (I hope Im remembering her name correctly Stewy) were very close to Stewy and his family and this is a huge blow to the family.  Please keep all the family in your prayers and thoughts this week.  And give our PAX Stewy a big F3 hug when you see him please.

was thinking on the way home this morning, and thanking God for getting me there- to listen to Headgear and Stewy, and to pray for both of them.  He ALWAYS has a plan for us boys!


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