The 60’s, man.

The 60’s, man.

Workout Date:





O'Douls, First Base, Hedgehog, Killington, Judge Judy, Flatliner

The Thang:

During warmups, QIC asked several PAX what the best decade of music was. Opinions can’t be wrong, but a few guys’ opinion was wrong. First Base came up with the correct answer, the 1960s. The theme of the day was 60s… all exercises were done to 60 reps. And a ~60 second lap or a 60 yard sprint. To a 60s soundtrack that consisted of Allman Bros, Zeppelin, The Doors, Beatles, Jimi, The Troggs, Clapton, Martha & the Vandellas, The Kinks, Stones.

Circuit one was 4 sets of (15) Merkins, Jump Lunges, Curls, OHP. In between each set was PAX choice of a 0.2 mile lap in the grass (more on that later), or a 60 yard sprint. Some rotated, some did all sprints. Hedgehog is deceptively fast BTW. Killington had an epic fart in the middle of circuit one. At that point Nowhere to Run by Martha and the Vandellas was playing so it got drowned out a little. But it was a 9.2/10 fart.

Circuit 2 was 4 sets of (15) Carolina Dry Docks, Squat, Rows, LBCs. Again PAX chose whether to take a long lap or shorter sprint. QIC rotated lap-sprint-lap-sprint. Others did this as well. IIRC, Killington, Hedgehog, Flatliner and Judge Judy did nearly all sprints.

After racking blocks, QIC set aside 3 minutes for a Roxanne session. If you were a jackass in college like I was, you may have played this drinking game. The song Roxanne by The Police says Roxanne/Red Light mannny times throughout the song. If you’re on team Roxanne, you take a shot when they say Roxanne (has to be beer not liquor or you’ll die). If you’re on Team Red Light, you take a shot when they say Red Light. We subbed shots for Merkins. You’re in plank position waiting for Roxanne/Red Light to be called. There is a break halfway through the song where you get out of plank. Then back to Merkins from plank in the 2nd verse. By my count you only do 24 Merkins if you’re Roxanne and 23 if you’re Red Light, but it’s brutal after a beatdown and tough when doing it from plank the whole time.

Had time for a little core- O’Douls called Flutters. FB called Pretzel Crunches, obviously. HH called Penguins.

JJ called for more sprints in the future and I wholeheartedly agree. There’s no substitute for sprints. As for the grass, I’m not sure why we don’t use the grass more at Catapult when it’s not frosty in the winter or extremely dewey in early spring? Opinions wanted here as I’d like to keep doing it.

Announcements- Top Gun movie coming up

Prayers- several Catapult Pax have good and challenging things going on. The group reiterated that we’re all here for the good times and to help each other through the tougher times. “Lean on Me”, as written by Bill Withers in 1972 (almost the 60s).