The “all 3s” workout postponed, but will be back soon!!

The “all 3s” workout postponed, but will be back soon!!

Workout Date:



Rousey (Respect and 3F Co-Q)


Shoeless (2x Respect), Quaker (Respect), Elmers (Respect), Billy Blanks (2.0), Sunshine, DoughBoy, EchoRomeoCharlie, Spork (FNG Q), CrossStitch (BS AOQ) and QIC

The Thang:

Ferris Bueller Cameron Im Dying
9/3 @0200 an unnamed Pax in CF

Conditions: High 60s, dark and gloomy with mist (that turned out to be mosquitos) over the Carolina Forest Community Church (CFCC) football field where we’d do most of our work…

This morning was to be a co-Q with my 3F co-Q Pikachu on September 3rd…”333”…something that the #BombSquad (BS) AOQ thought was numerically “campy”.  Who doesn’t like campy catchphrases to reel the Pax in?  Our local litigators make a living off of them…”Call all 9s”…”all 7s”…!

However, at 0500 when YHC’s alarm went off and looked at my phone, the big guy had sent me a text around 0200 indicating that he was out of commission with the crud of some kind.  Well, YHC/QIC aborted his original #weinke that would have complemented Pikachu’s (we were bringing the “smoke” y’all!) and changed it up to an old trusted back up sure to have the Pax get their money’s worth!  The “all 3s” were postponed, but will be back soon!

YHC rolled into the BS AO 15 minutes early for a warmup and to survey the CFCC field. 3 Pax were doing their BRR training and indicated that they meet us at COT. 10 other Pax showed. Pre-workout #mumblechatter ensued, 1-minute warning, welcome to F3, disclaimer and then we got after it.

Warm Up:  An assortment of usual F3 GrandStrand (F3GS) exercises.  YHC noticing interesting SSH form by an OG Pax who was next to another OG Pax (chattin it up doing their own thing) and lovingly admonished him on his form. This ramped up the #mumblechatter… from a docile level 3 to an obnoxious level 10+ and maintained from that point on.

SEGMENT 1: B.O.M.B.S. – Pax pair up and ea. pair grab an F3 cinderblock #coupon and go to CFCC football field end zone.  In a DORA 1-2-3 manner, ea. pair did the following:

  1. 50 (B)lockees per pair — one person doing reps., the other running across the field to 50 Y line and back, and tag and switch.
  2. 75 (O)verhead presses w/ a squat…essentially a thruster. Pax 2 runs, tag and switch.
  3. 100 (M)erkins w/ one hand on block and the other on the turf.  Same run protocol for partner 2.
  4. 6 trips of (B)earcrawling (to 25 yard line and Crawlbear back) while Pax 2 did AMRAP curl (in lieu of running).
  5. 150 (S)wings w/ block.  Pax 2 resumes above run protocol.

SEGMENT 2: CURLS FOR THE GIRLS (or the Ganja smokers at nearby Avalon neighborhood…Glaucoma y’all – lol) – Keep partners.  Pax 1 planks it out; Pax 2 does 50 curls.  Swap out.  1 round.

SEGMENT 3: CAPTAIN THORS – Mosey to CFCC cross and find a really soft spot.  Captain Thors (Captain America and Thor from Marvel): A 1:4 ratio circuit of Big Boy Sit Ups (BBSU) and American Hammers (AH).  So, 1 BBSU then 4 1-ct AH…all the way to 10:40.  However, this morning we went in reverse order…and after each 1:4 ratio rep. we added in the supersize w/ Burpees…56 in total!  Each Pax got a chance to lead here too.

YHC then lead Pax through a series of stretching exercises as a cool down.


COR – 14
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by CrossStitch

Announcements: Check out F3GS regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Freed to Bleed blood drive and 2F lunches next week (see Slack for details on both); Jacob Hancher – F3 Hightower memorial 5K in the works and scheduled for 10/1 (need someone to CoQ this with me). The more you plug in, the more you see the big picture of F3!

NMMS 1: Missed the big guy (Pikachu) this morning and hopes he motors through his ailment…speedy recovery Sir!

NMMS 2: Strong work, and the #mumblechatter was awesome especially during Super Captain Thors the #crowdpleaser of the morning.

NMMS 3: 4 at Coffeteria.  5 at a covert site.

NMMS 4: YHC’s 2.0 F3 KingJames turns 15 tomorrow!!

Honor to lead!