The Battle of Cowpens

The Battle of Cowpens

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Disconnect, Rousey, Lombardi, Bling, Valvano, Hoser

The Thang:

Another unseasonably warm and humid day brought 6 pax out into the gloom to get their day started with a little bit of good living.

With the 239th anniversary of Cowpens taking place on January 17th, YHC though we would spend today remembering the battle that turned the tide of the Revolution War in the Southern Theater and start a chain of events that would lead to the British surrender at Yorktown. For those of you not familiar with the battle here is where you can read about it

The six pax were split into 3 crews of two. Each crew was given a 60# sandbag and were told that is was up to them to decide when to switch. We got our rucks on and headed for Warbird Park about 1.25 miles away. Every 1/4 mile the crews were switching sandbags. Every 1/2 mile we dropped the sandbags and did:

  • 10 merkins
  • 10 thrusters
  • 10 Big Boy Sit-ups
  • 10 curls
  • 10 tricep extentions

When we arrived at Warbird Park, Disconnect was asked by YHC to name an exercise. He answered with “thrusters” so we did 15 thrusters. There were two Naval Ships that were named after Cowpens. A light aircraft carrier in World War 2 CVL-25, and a guided missile cruiser in Desert Strom CG-63. Fun fact both ships were nicknamed “The Mighty Moo”. To pay homage to these two ships, each crew would do 63 burpees, this was done Dora style with one pax running around the planes, then both pax doing 25 Bulgarian lunges each leg. When all crews were finished we headed to the P.F. Changs parking garage. The crews continued switching the sandbags every 1/4 mile and we continued with doing 10 merkins, thrusters, BBSU, curls, and tricep extensions every 1/2 mile.

YHC noticed that we were running low at time and called an audible. We changed course and headed to the main bridge going over the pond. YHC called this the middle bridge, and was correct be the pax as the last bridge as there are only to bridges. Thank you all for keeping me accountable for my words.

When we got to the bridge, Rousey was asked by YHC to name an exercise. He responded with “big boy sit ups”. Apparently his answer was not creative enough because one of the pax made his displeasure in Rousey’s selection know to everyone. The pax did 15 big boy sit ups. Then Lombardi was asked to name an exercise and he answered “curls”. Don’t know if Lombardi was poking fun an mentioned pax, or just wanted some extra work on his pythons, so we did 9 curls. When asked why only nine, YHC responded with “because i said so”. After all pax were finished it was explained that during our ruck we did 239 reps of exercises and that was this years anniversary of the battle of Cowpens.

Time was running short so YHC then shared some more facts about the battle. Sadly we would not be able to get done everything YHC had planned. Here is what was omitted due to time.

Dora in the parking garage. 100 merkins, 200 LBC’s, 500 4 count flutter kicks. This was for the 100 British solders KIA, 200 British solders WIA, and the 500 British solders MIA  Run up to the second level with the sandbag and take the stairs down. This was going to represent Morgan’s Sharpshooters, at the front of the line, who had to run a total of 300 yards with the British chasing them.

After that the plan was to do 25 merkins for the 25 American solders KIA, and a 124 second overhead ruck hold for the 124 American solders WIA.


Announcements: Changing of the Nan’tan on Monday at Bombsquad.

Prayer Requests: Rousey and his family are shopping for a new house. Pax praying for healing from minor injuries before CSAUP season hits.

Thank you everyone for coming out this morning. Hoped you enjoyed it. Make plans to visit the battlefield. the address can be found in the weblink above.

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