The Calm

The Calm

Workout Date:



1st Base


O'Douls, Skimmer (R), Flatliner, Crabs, Judge Judy, Tandem

The Thang:

YHC pulled in around 4:45 to get a light pre-run in before the beatdown proper. O’Douls joined in for a couple of laps towards the end, plantar fasciitis be damned. Nice and cool, but the wind was already gusting pretty good as the early effects of Ian started to reach us.

Cars (and Flatline solo on his bike) started to roll in about 5:10. One minute warning was given and we started on time with proper mission statement given as well as disclaimer.

COP (All In Cadence)

15 Hairy Rockettes

15 Thru The Tunnels

15 Windmills

15 Imperial Walkers

15 Tempo Squats


10 BAC FWD (comment was made that these induced a lot of popping noises in the shoulders, which I said proves their worth)



20 Side Straddle Hops

The Thang

Short Mosey to the block pile, where PAX were instructed to pick a coupon of their choice for the first in three circuits planned:

Circuit One, on my up/down (in the corner by the coupon pile)

Colt 45s

15 Tricep Extensions

15 Overhead Presses

Moseyed to the cross and PAX instructed to pick a spot in the artificial grass for

Circuit Two, OYO

Macarena Variation #4,

10 Alternating Shoulder Tap > Merkin > Catalina Win Mixer

Moseyed to back of the church and line up against the wall for

Circuit Three, in cadence

10 Wall Flops

10 Monkey Humpers

All circuits repeated two more times and then for good measure, we did an abbreviated version of Circuit one with 21s instead of Colt 45s and 10 reps each of tricep extensions and overhead presses. After that we racked blocks and circled up at the COT for


15 Pretzel Crunches, IC (1st Base)

20 LBCs, OYO (Tandem)

10 Iron Maiden Crosses, IC (Judge Judy)

20 Flutter Kicks, IC (Skimmer)

15 Freddie Mercury (O’Douls)



Hightower Memorial WOD at 6:00 Waterway Palms this Saturday with 5k Planned for 7:00

2nd F Lunches next week

YHC Prayed Us Out