The Cards decide

The Cards decide

Workout Date:





O’douls, Hojo, Single Barrel, Kiwi, Candycane, Pikachu

The Thang:

AO #Catapult

Conditions: Humid with a side sweat.

With Covid issues YHC stepped up to cover the  Q. Short notice for me but I’m good with just making it up on the fly if need be. Got a text from Kiwi ten minutes later asking if I needed any help this week since I screwed his Q date up. I Thought heck yeah, let’s Co Q the next workout and engage another brother into the Q. We men like to feel accepted into our home groups and when a man steps up to Q and he can’t, I feel like we’re taking that leadership and acceptance away from him.  I felt bad for taking that away from Kiwi. Best way I thought to combat that was to CoQ. So talked with Kiwi about my plan and he was on board. Sweet! Now Rewind to earlier thoughts.

So what to do for my next Q. Trying to keep my own AO challenge up of  Q’ing outside the box. Ahhh, I forgot I had the official F3 workout cards. Opened them up, separated them into the four groups as labeled on the cards. Core, Cardio, Upperbody, Lowerbody. Perfect Q prepared. Felt like I was cheating. Even Hojo said that really takes the work out of preparing the Q. Dang. Yup sure does. Lol

COP Kiwi opened us up it’s time to go.

Kiwi got the disclaimer out in one shot and didn’t need to read it from his phone! Sweet job brother.


Harry Rockets 15IC, 15 Tempo Squats IC, 15 TTT IC, 15IW IC, Batwings 15 Ea IC, 15 HB IC, 15 SSH IC solid warmup time to go

Told pax to meet at the cross, grabbed the cards, Cardio was on deck ( yes pun intended haha). I choose the first two cards and figured what a great time to engage all Pax into the Q. I really had no idea how this would work since this was my first Card Q. So I asked if everyone wanted to take a turn and everyone liked that idea. Plus they can’t blame me for rigging the cards. Haha! First card was the number +10 (3 of diamond actually equaled 13) of the workout and second card was the actual workout. FYI, K,Q,J =25 A=100. I honesty don’t remember all the workouts except for the 100 SHP since I gave the cards to O’douls to use for the 2.0 workout so definitely can’t remember them now. Anyway, good cardio session with all cardio cards done.

Next grab the Upperbody cards and mosey to Bleacher. All I remember here is allot of Merkins. And 100 arm circles 50F, 50R. Good sweat going by now.

Back to cross and time is not on our side. So we stayed at the cross for Core and Lower body cards. Again, I don’t remember all the workout.  All I remember is 100 Calf Raises (burned you the calf’s) and 100 Flutters.

Pack the cards up and mosey back to the Shovel Flag. Circle up for some Mary since we have some time left.

Pikachu 15 Crunch Frog

Kiwi 15 Flutters IC

O’douls 15 Box Cutters IC

No stretching today. I do like a good stretch.


Count-o-Rama 6


Announcements. get on slack, twitter get engaged with what’s going on in the F3 world. Freedtobleed, Dragon Boat benefit for Ground Zero.

Prayers for Will and Kiwi to guide his hand on how to handle his son and the constant curve balls life is thrown at him. Kiwi shows up every week and has a smile on his face and support of the #Catapult brothers. It would be easy to give up and say screw it all but he hangs in there. So send some love that guys way. He could use it. He’s a great guy to call an F3 Brother!



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