The Death Star Will Have to Wait

The Death Star Will Have to Wait

Workout Date:





Beaker, Lab Rat, Viagra, Ka-Pow, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

PAX: Viagra, Beaker, Lab Rat, Ka-pow!; Quaker (QIC)

AO: Timeshare

Conditions: 40 degrees, slight ocean breeze

Always exciting to take a hike up the pike and visit the PAX at Timeshare! I was curious if anyone would bring a #Kotter or an #FNG to the beatdown as request last night on Twitter.  After arriving at the AO, YHC set up 10 cones in a “star” formation. These would be used for the final part of the beatdown. As YHC set of the cones, Beaker, Viagra, and our extended stay visiting PAX Lab Rat (F3Boone) arrived and circled up. It seemed that there would be no #Kotters or #FNGs today, but then out of the gloom came Ka-pow who has been MIA for a few weeks. Fist bumps all around. Time to get to work!!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 25 SSH IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Tempo Squats IC; 22 Merkins IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Hillbillies IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC reverse IC

Mosey to Main Street Parking Lot


Pain’t the Lines – Mosey; back pedal; Karaoke right;  Karaoke Left; Tin Soldier; Bear Crawl; Mosey; Back Pedal, Karaoke right; Karaoke left; Bearcrawl

Mosey to Beach

Choppy Hops – All PAX do Choppy Feet  . . . if YHC calls out “Down!” All PAX drop to the sand and bounce back up & continue Choppy Feet . . . If YHC calls, “HOP!”; All PAX do 4ct SSH then return to Choppy Feet.

Mosey down beach for 1 block then to picnic tables

11’s – Dips & Step-ups

Mosey to newly paved “Shaggin’ Lot”

Deck of Death –  who ever pulls to

Diamonds = Merkins + ½ lot mosey down & back;

Hearts = Squats + full lot sprint down & back;

Spades = BBS + Bear Crawl & 1/5 lot Bearcrawl down and back;

Clubs = SSH only

Ka-pow – 10 of Hearts

Lab Rat – 4 of Clubs

Viagra – Queen of Diamonds

Beaker – 8 of Spades Hearts

Quaker – Queen of Spades

Ka-pow – 5 of Clubs

Lab Rat – 12 of Spades

Viagra – 10 of Spades

Beaker –  King of Diamonds

Quaker – Jumbo Maverick Joker – 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey down “Shaggin Walk of Fame” and briefly through town arrive back at Shovel Flag Lot

Death Star

One Point- 30 Merkins

Time was running out, so the Death Star will have to wait until YHC’s next visit!!

Mary – Around the Horn

Beaker – 15 American Hammers IC

Ka-pow – 15 Freddy Mercury’s IC

Quaker – 15 Flutterkicks IC

Viagra –  14 Pretzel Crunches IC (7 with each leg)

Lab Rat – 15 Hello Dolly IC

Ka-pow – 15 Peter Parkers IC

Quaker – 25 Speed Straddle Hops IC

6:00 -Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 5


Announcements: Get on the Q sheets for February; Q different AO’s; Sign-up for Dragon Boat

Prayers: General Unspoken & prayers for Lab Rat’s Step Mother who is battling cancer





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