The Essentials: Stairs, Blocks, & Suicides

The Essentials: Stairs, Blocks, & Suicides

Workout Date:





Pikachu, Tiny Dancer, Castaway, Hot Tub (Respect), Streaker, Zalinsky (Rock Hill), Cyclone, Candy Cane, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

The last time YHC Q’d #ThePlank it was a slow morning and only 2 other PAX showed up.  Knowing that this amazing AO is capable of big numbers (and trying not to take it personally), I posted an HC call out on Slack to which a thunderous silence ensued.  Eventually Fergie chimed in encouraging men to post to #Warthog (OK, now it’s getting personal) followed by Castaway Calling for more #ThePlank HCs.  Still silence.  I knew Boxcar was working hard to get the Plantation Lakes crowd to support his Q (i.e. drive him) at #Warthog, so I arrived with no expectations, but was happy to see 8 other studs roll in, including Zalinsky from F3RockHill starting his last day in the GrandStrand off right!

70 with a good breeze and dropping to 64 by COT

0 minute warning and disclaimer

SSH x 25 IC
TTT x 15 IC
IW x 15 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
LBAC, RLBAC, Seal Claps, OH Press x 15 IC

Mosey 1 lap around the track, grab a coupon from the pile and meet at the first set of stairs for:
1st set of stairs: 10 block OH Press, OH carry block to top and return to bottom (carry however it pleases you on the way down #dontfall)
2nd & 3rd set: 10 2-count block shoulder-to-shoulder, leave block and run up/down
4th set: repeat of 1st set

Carry blocks to the goal line for:

Round1 – 4 Around the Block Merkins (1 incline, rotate 90*, 1 with left hand on block, rotate, 1 decline, rotate, 1 with right hand on block), 4 block squats, 4 block curls
Run to 10yd line and back
Round2 – 8 AtB Merkins (2 at each position), 8 block squats, 8 block curls
Run to 20 yd line and back
Round3 – 12 AtB Merkins (3 at each position), 12 block squats, 12 block curls
Run to 30 yd line and back
Round4 – 16 AtB Merkins (4 at each position), 16 block squats, 16 block curls
Run to 40 yd line and back
Round5 – 20 AtB Merkins (5 at each position), 20 block squats, 20 block curls
Run to 50 yd line and back

LBCs on the 6 and then 25 more once all PAX arrived

Since Rounds 1-5 went a little quicker than expected, YHC added on Rounds 6-9, working back down the ladder, which worked out to 100 reps of each exercise.

Flutter Kicks on the 6 were called (pretty sure Candy Cane and Tiny Dancer were counting north of 200 by the time YHC got started)
25 more IC once all PAX finished up

Return coupons and regroup on the goal line

Working out on a well lit football field just doesn’t seem right without some suicides, so…
Suicide run the full length of the field hitting each 10 yard increment.  1100 yards (5/8 mile) total

With a few minutes remaining, we circled up for some Mary.  Hot Tub made his displeasure in the lack of burpees widely known at this point.  YHC called American Hammers and decided to see if we could waste the last few minutes on them.  10 slow pace, 10 fast pace, 10 slow pace, 10 fast pace.  Halt was called with 2 minutes remaining, so YHC gave in a called burpees OYO for 2 minutes.  Very few were done around the circle.

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 9
–  FreedToBleed – Oct 29
–  Halloween Convergence Oct 30 at Warthog
–  Q Source tonight!
–  Operation Christmas Child fundraiser
Prayer requests
– YHC’s dad undergoing heart surgery next week


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