Modified / Modified “Robbie Miller” Hero WOD

Modified / Modified “Robbie Miller” Hero WOD

Workout Date:



Rousey (1 x R)


Jeter, OneCall, Bling, Huey, Fergie, Lombardi, Valvano (EM AOQ), and Headgear (F3GS WS)

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 50s, light rain just finished, and foggy.

Been awhile for this old man to take the Q at #Waverucker (WR), but YHC/QIC wanted to do his part in leading the studley #WR crew as well as preparing himself and others for the SC-GrowRuck #22.  A few weeks ago some of our Pax honored Army SF Sgt. Robbie Miller (RM) (10/14/1983 – 1/25/2008 KIA) by completing the hero WOD (crushed it), and so YHC decided conceptually then to do that for this morning’s #WR.  The RMWOD – however you do it (traditional, modified, ruck / no ruck, etc.) – is a smokefest!  There is a buy-in / cash-out rucking miles component…and sandwiched in between is a ruck PT component with a heavy dose of full body exercises w/ ruck on.

QIC opted to go with the modified RMWOD due to time constraints, modified further by changing the order of exercises (to the veteran Pax’s murmurings), and throw in some Jeter-isms and you have the modified-modified RMWOD — freak yeah!

8 other Pax joined YHC, good morning, welcome to F3 #WR and disclaimer…and we did this:


Buy In: Apx. 1.5 mile ruck (1.1 mile lake loop and 1 loop around the track).  Observations were shared by Jeter regarding the Army’s current PFT, PFT in general, the impact of women in the military w/ passion and candidness — it made the miles go by quick!

6 rounds of: (1) 6 Ruck Burpees w/ Squat, (2) 6 Ruck Pull-ups, (3) 6 Ruck Get-ups #crowdpleaser, and (4) 6 4-ct. Ruck Mountain-climbers IC (QIC put this as the last exercises / round so that all could finish together and start next round together).

Cash-out: Apx. 1.5 mile ruck (1.1 mile lake loop and 1 loop around the track).

SEGMENT 2: PFT (modified — no 2-mile run due to time constraints)

Pax partnered up (for encouragement and feet holding) and did max Merkins and Big-boy Sit-ups (strict form).

COR – 9
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
Modified BOM by YHC.

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NMMS: Strong work this morning by all…and an impressive time!  The RMWOD will steal your soul one Ruck Get-up at a time.  YHC appreciates the encouragement and fellowship through shared suffering!  But, more importantly its about remembering 24 y.o. Staff Sergeant Robert James Miller this morning and his acts of heroism eventually earning him the Congressional Medal of Honor — you can learn more about him HERE.  Rest easy Sir.

Honor to lead!



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