The Great Migration and Lost Cause

The Great Migration and Lost Cause

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I have been waiting for this Q for several weeks.  I thought I was on the sheet earlier but that wasn’t the case.  One of the great things about Wave Rucker is that it is not only a great beatdown, but it is a good opportunity for a history lesson.  The majority of learning is military but today I wanted to take a different path.  In the wake of George Floyd’s death I have spent a good bit of time learning the history of African Americans in this great land of ours.  So today we learned about the Great Migration, The Lost Cause and White Flight.  There are countless stories and factors that go into these subjects so today was a good overview of some of the statistics.



A few Thru The Tunnel that about half the PAX actually did so we put on our Rucks and left


Ruck to the Parking Garage

The Great Migration from 1900 to 1970 saw 6 million blacks left the south to move to the North or West.  In South Carolina in 1900 the state was 58.4% black and by 1970 it was down to 30.5%.  The 1930 census was the first time since 1810 that whites had the majority in the state.   Philadelphia was the city of choice for most South Carolinians.  In 1930 10% of the black population was born in SC.


Elevation Wednesday

1st level

10 Squats

10 Curls

2nd level

10 Squats

10 Tricep Extensions

3rd level

10 Squats

10 Overhead Press

Top level

Wall sit Rucks on lap and then 10 calf raises while in the wall sit

10 Merkin Shoulder Tap – 1 Merkin and 2 shoulder taps counts as 1 – with Ruck on

The smell on the parking deck was very pungent so we decided to head back down with a rinse and repeat of exercises on the way up

By 1970, when the Great Migration ended, its demographic impact was unmistakable: Whereas in 1900, nine out of every 10 black Americans lived in the South, and three out of every four lived on farms, by 1970 the South was home to less than half of the country’s African-Americans, with only 25 percent living in the region’s rural areas.

Rucked over to the other, smaller parking garage

Detroit before Migration was 1.7% black.  In 1970 it was 38%

Chicago 1.9% to 39.1%

NYC 1.4% to 11.9%

Mississippi 58% to 38%

Alabama 45% to 26%


At the bottom: 10 of each Squats, Curls, Tricep Extensions and OH Press

Ruck the short wat to the top for the same Wall Sit and Merkins Shoulder Tap from the previous garage

Head back to the bottom, rinse and repeat

The Lost Cause – Why do we not learn about the Great Migration?  Usually the history after a war is written by the victors but in the case of the civil war, this is an exception.  The South after the war still believed they were right, and the civil war was Just.  The South changed the narrative of the reason for the war from slavery and white supremacy to telling the world that the war was about states’ rights;

Supporters often stress the idea of secession as a defense against a Northern threat to their way of life and say that the threat violated the states’ rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They believe that any state had the right to secede, a point strongly denied by the North. The Lost Cause portrayed the South as more adherent to Christian values than the allegedly greedy North. It portrayed slavery as more benevolent than cruel, alleging that it taught Christianity and “civilization”. Stories of happy slaves were often used as propaganda in an effort to defend slavery. (wikipedia)


The Daughters of the Confederacy were the main group exposing the South ideals.  In the years after the war the Daughters helped erect around 700 confederate statues showing off their “heroes”.  These monuments were to show future generations that the south was on the right side of the war.  In addition to the monuments the Daughters were instrumental in writing most of the textbooks that schools have used.  Teaching kids from the end of the Civil War to 1970 the Lost Cause text books touched over 69 million students.


Ruck over to the Valor Park fountain for 3 sets of Mary

1 set is

25 LBCs

12 American Hammers

20 Flutter Kicks

15 Hello Dolly

Ended with a combo Merkin Shoulder Tap without Rucks 1 Merkin 2 Shoulder Taps up to 5 Merkins with 10 Shoulder Taps.


White Flight

The majority of the north industrial economy was employing white European immigrants.  The Migration brought blacks for the first time into these crowded urban areas.  Both World Wars stemmed the tide of European immigrants which allowed blacks to be cheap labor desired in these areas.  This overcrowding and the racism that still existed in the north created the flight of whites to suburbs.  This created gerrymandering, red lining and housing and lending discrimination by race.

Ruck back to AO


Honor to lead and hope that all enjoyed a little different lesson.

Count and Name-a-Rama


Prayers for Brady Bunch traveling


Good books to read for additional information

The Warmth of Other Suns – Isabel Wilkerson

Lies My Teacher Told Me – James W. Loewen

The Color of Law – Richard Rothstein

A People’s History of the United States – Howard Zinn


Flop out!



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