The Great Wet Air Biscuit

The Great Wet Air Biscuit

Workout Date:



Crop Duster


Side Out(R), Flatliner, Crabs, Killington, Rocky Top, Rousey(R), Judge Judy, Cross Stitch, Pikachu, First Base(AOQ), Hedgehog, QIC

The Thang:

AO Catapult

Conditions: 70, Calm winds, clear skies, slight humidity in the air, Mosquito threat level: Elevated

Had a good group for some spirited mumble-chatter and strong beatdown.

One minute Warning



Warm Up:


15 Hairy Rockettes IC

15 Windmills IC

15 Thru the tunnel IC

15×4 LBAC(F,R, Raise the roof, Seal) IC

15 Shoulder Tap Macarena Planks(Shoulder, Hips, toe taps while in high plank) IC

Long Mosey to the Coupon Pile and out to the big Parking Lot


3 rounds

20 Kettlebell Swings

20 Shoulder Press

Run to the Bleachers

20 Tricep Dips

20 Step-Ups (Each Leg)

Run Back

After the 1st Round we circled up and performed a Merkin Circle(Everyone holding High Plank while everyone takes turns around the circle doing 10 Merkins each)

After the 2nd Round we circled up and performed a Squat Circle(Everyone holding Low Squat whiles everyone takes turns around the circle doing 10 Squats each)

After the 3rd Round we picked up our coupons and headed back to the pile and circled up for some Mary.

First Base, Pikachu, Rousey, and Cross Stitch led us in some Box Cutters, Crunchy Frog, Pretzel Crunches, and Freddie Mercuries (All about 14 or 15 IC). During the rendition of Crunchy Frog somebody, from the direction of Crabs, floated an incredibly loud and wet Air Biscuit. (aka the bottom burp, one-cheek squeak, a cheeser, breezer, squeeze cheese, tail scutter and your more common term sloppy toot or the noise that usually comes out of Pikachu.) It lasted a solids 4-5 seconds and in the offenders defense those crunchy frogs will really do it to you. It was mentioned that it was drier than it sounded, but will we ever know for sure….probably not. You may ask yourself, did we giggle like children? Absolutely. Leave it to us to maintain that spirit of youth!


COR – (12)


Announcements: Don’t forget this weekend is Mother’s Day…So don’t mess it up!

Prayer Requests: Spoken and Unspoken