The Humpty Hump

The Humpty Hump

Workout Date:





Rubber, Pierogi, Slaughter, Beefsteak, ERC, Lombardi, Headgear, Drifter, Cross-Stich, Quaker

The Thang:

Conditions: 59 degrees (will be missing these temps very soon)


  • Side Straddle Hop 20ish
  • Little Babies 15 ish
  • Little Babies in Reverse 15 ish
  • Tempo Squats 15 ish
  • Through the Tunnel 15 ish
  • Mosey around the AO to the Coupon Pile!

The Thang: I’m going to go ahead and rename what we all probably know as “Suicides” as “Victory Sprints” (stole that from someone) in light of mental health awareness across our community and our country.  We went through 7 rounds (plus a bonus round) of Victory Sprints performing 4 sets of the following exercises each time we were back at the “baseline.”:

  • 5 Blocks Squats – 20 total reps
  • 10 Block Swings – 40 total reps
  • 15 Overhead Press – 60 total reps
  • 20 Rocky Balboas – 80 total reps
  • 15 Mountain Climbers – 60 total reps
  • 10 Mericans – 40 total reps
  • 5 Overhead Squats – 20 total reps
  • 2 Blockies  – 8 total reps (Bonus set offered to us so graciously by Quaker)

Fortunately we still had time for some Broad Jump 11’s with Block Curls and Mericans.

After racking the coupons, this took us right to the buzzer. It was all down hill from there!

End with COT:

Enjoyed the company of visitors from around the state and across the boarder today and this past week.

Free to Bleed

Prayers for Sunshine’s family and those struggling with mental health.


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