The Hundo

The Hundo

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Lombardi, Fergie, Bling, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Well Winter is hear…at least for this week, with this being the third consecutive day with the temperature in the low 40’s. However there was no wind so it made it a lot better than Elevation Monday.

Three cars delivered the 4 pax that would take on todays challenge. Valvano was watching the Royal Rumble that is the Presidential Election Coverage. Onecall hasn’t been seen or heard from since changing careers to become a wildlife photographer. We all agreed this morning that he was probably eaten by that fox he was stalking. Brandy Bunch said he was sick, however we all agreed that he probably forgot to plug in his car last night and didn’t have enough juice to make it to the workout this morning. Don’t know what happened to Boxcar, however the  Plantation Lakes clown car blamed him for them being late.

Disclaimer was given. Pax rucked up and proceeded to the bridge with two 60 pound sandbags and the hundred pounder. YHC explained that we would going to do a lap with all three sandbags and to switch as needed. Lap was finished in 18:37. Strong work by all.

After the lap we dropped the sandbags and headed over to the gazebo for some Chad training. We did a 10 minute session with 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds of rest. All pax moaned while attempting to do that first step up. All pax also agreed that 40 seconds is to long of a rest period.

After the 10 minutes we took two minutes to get some water and stretch out. It was back to the sandbags and another lap. This time we took two sandbags. One 60 pounder and the hundo. Pax were told to swap as needed. Stop watch stopped working on this lap however a safe guesstimation of our time would put us in the 20 minute range. Again strong work by all.

Back to the bleachers. This 10 minute session we did  30 second work and 30 second rest cycles. This was well received by everyone. And once again all pax moaned again on the that first step up.

Back to the sandbags for another lap. This time we would only take 1 bag, and what better bag to bring with us then the hundo. This lap was completed in 14:41 amazing work by all once again.

After the lap we gathered all our equipment and returned to our cars for BOM


CHAD WOD is next week.

There was lunch somewhere today.

Hancher Challenge coin was a great success. Sold almost 300 coins. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Prayer Requests

The Nation during this political season.

Headgear and his family

Bling’s son- Knee is doing better, considering an MRI after the season.

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