The Memorial Day Murph Challenge

The Memorial Day Murph Challenge

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Geno, Billboard, Bling, Weedeater, Fresh Squeezed (Kotter), Lombardi, Valvano, Skimmer (Respect), Quickie, Flop, Pikachu, Noisy Cricket, Little Knob, Hoser, Kiwi (Respect), Norton, Podcast, Timber(Camden), Mayhem(Camden), Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: #Warthog

Conditions: Started out at 77 and humid and only got hotter and stayed humid as the sun came up

The Murph Challenge or the Memorial Day Murph is a workout honoring Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor Recipient LT. Micheal P. Murphy.  LT. Murphy was raised in Suffolk County, NY, graduated from Penn State University with honors and dual degrees and was then commissioned as an officer in the Navy and earned his Trident as a Navy SEAL.  LT. Murphy gave his life when his 4 man team was comprised during a mission by a much larger force.  He knew the only hope they had was to call for help.  This meant he had to step out into the open during a fierce firefight and use the satellite phone to call for help.  Doing this put him out in the open and he was killed trying to help his men. He died on 28 June 2005 in Kunar, Afghanistan.  The book by Marcus Luttrell, “Lone Survivor” and movie of the same name pay tribute to LT. Murphy, his team and their brothers who lost their lives rushing to help them.

Today, Warthog AO hosted two Murph workouts, 18 PAX showed for 0530 and 2 in addition to YHC for 0700.

Lombardi was kind enough to meet YHC at 0510 and help load and deliver the freshly built pull-up bar which held up well today.  We showed up to the AO and FIA was in the middle of their Murph Challenge on the playground where we would do our pull-ups.  No worries.  We knew they would be moving on and if not, we could work around them.  Pull-up bar and shovel flags in place by 0525.  YHC was pleasantly surprised to see so many #HIM rolling into the parking lot!


The beatdown – The Murph

Beatdown #1

Quick Explanation of the workout, 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 Merkins, 300 squats, 1 mile run.  20 lb weighted vest or ruck is optional.  A good number of this PAX was ready to roll with their rucks!  Let’s Get Some!

Bling brought the music…Thank you!  Even if it wasn’t great tunes, it helped us push through the suck!

Pull-up bar built by YHC was holding up well!  Playground equipment also worked well for this beatdown.

The PAX was pushing through this one and we then we went back out for our 1 Mile…to be exact, our 1 mile is 1.1 mile…we are overachievers at Warthog.

Everyone finished strong…we all probably lost 10 lbs of sweat this morning!

Beatdown #2

YHC stuck around to Q the 0700 workout.  2 PAX showed, both from Camden, Mayhem and Timber.  They’re on vacation so we’ll give them a pass on sleeping in for the 0530.  The temp was climbing though and we felt it.

Quick disclaimer, and explanation of the Murph since Timber had not participated in a Murph yet.  Run around the lake for 1.1 Mile.  YHC explained this was the 2nd workout of the day so next mile would start once Timber and Mayhem were done with pull-ups, Merkins and squats.  YHC would do as many as he could and then run.

Strong push by all.

CoT was modified to include names of fallen service members:

Doyle W. Bollinger, Jr – US Navy – 6 June 2003 – Iraq

James Martin – US Army – 3 October, 1993 – Mogadishu, Somalia

LT. Col. John J. Fleming – US Army – 1997 (Vietnam Vet -Agent Orange)

Robert Hendrick – USMC – 8 April 2019 – Afghanistan

Shannon M. Kent – US Navy – 16 January 2019 – Manbij, Syria

Robert J. McGovern – US Army – 30 January 1971 Vietnam

Stanley Devarian – 29 October 1984 (WWII Vet)

Marc Alan Lee – US Navy – 2 August 2006 – Ramadi, Iraq

Randy Shughart – US Army – 3 October 1993 – Mogadishu, Somalia

Sgt Trevor Cook – USMC – 6 June 2011

Will D. Lindsey – US Army – 22 March 2019 – Kunduz Province, Afghanistan

Spc. Joseph Anthony Graves – US Army – 25 July 2006 – Baghdad, Iraq

Nate Hardy – US Navy – 4 February 2005 – Iraq

Mike Koch – US Navy – 4 February 2005 – Iraq

Col. Richard Forest Rob – US Army – 1 March 2001 – (Vietnam Vet – Agent Orange)

Jonathan Farmer – US Army – 16 January 2019 – Manbij, Syria

Zachary A. Bannister – US Army – 17 October 2016 – Manda Bay, Kenya

Micheal Anthony Monsoor – US Navy – 29 September 2006 – Ramadi, Iraq

Robert B. Guzzo – US Navy – 12 November 2012 (War of Terrorism and Iraq Vet – PTSD/SI)


Prayers for Kiwi’s daughter, Mary, traveling to Russia.

Prayers for all fallen service members both abroad and at home.


The Murph is a tough beatdown.  Props to all that showed up to pay tribute.  It was great to see so many DR PAX, to meet new PAX and super cool to see Fresh Squeezed back out! Thanks again to Bling for the tunes, to Billboard for thinking ahead and bringing chalk to help us keep count and to Lombardi for helping with the pull-up bar.  It’s always an honor to lead such a great group of #HIM!

This Memorial Day, WE REMEMBER!  God Bless.





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