The Old State Bell

The Old State Bell

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Valvano, One Call, Lombardi, Hoser, Headgear, Fergie, Bling

The Thang:

Ding, ding, ding- its Wednesday.  Time to get up a little earlier, work a little harder, and talk a little more smack.  In other words….Waverucker.  After a heated argument Monday morning and on the drive home, it was determined that Boxcar would have the Q for EM this coming Monday, since his name was on the Q sheet, unbeknownst to me, him, the EM PAX or the FBI (I checked with Rousey).  Dictator Barton made the final call and I was out.  Steaming about this for the rest of the day- I decided to Q Waverucker this week and really make the boys feel my wrath!  And since #blameBarton was treading just below #SleepyJoe, I knew I had to make this memorable.  It took all of Tuesday morning to sleep in/rest/create yet another “PerfectQ”.

got 5 HC’s on the Slack channel (knowing full-well there would be a few that cannot work the 2 buttons “HC”), and all 5 showed.  Got a nice surprise when SotoChaos was waiting on his truck when OC and I pulled in at 4:25.  and he had his sandbag!  At least he knows how to read Slack…..

1 minute warning- typical Bling disclaimer given (No one hurt themselves please), grabbed rucks and bags and made our way to the track.  79 degrees- humidity at 140% according to my dry shirt!  Time for our “warm-up”

4 laps on the track.

lap 1- ruck.

lap 2- mosey (no ruck).  This was when Fergie decided to join the group after and extra 5 minutes in bed!

lap 3- ruck with sand bags (Fergie grabbed Soto’s 40 pounder out of the truck.  #Boxcar’sbaby)

lap 4- ruck mosey the straight aways.

1 mile done- sweat pouring- its hot.  Grab sandbags and head to the bridge- informed the boys this history Q was based off the Old State Bell- or the Liberty Bell as we know it today!  Time to ring the bell!

Lap 1 around the lake (1.1 miles).  July 8th 1776.  The Old State Bell was rung this AM to proclaim the 1st public reading of the Declaration of Independence.  Ratified and signed by the 55 Founders earlier in the week, it took 3 days to have copies printed for public distribution.  So on 7/8, it was read aloud by Colonel John Nixon.  SO- we would ruck around the lake and complete 17 merkins IC and 76 flutters IC in 17 minutes and 76 seconds- with 2 people carrying 60 bags.  no switching bags (dumb social distancing).  Hoser and Valvano, who dont seem to be human, volunteered.  PAX completed in 17:09, just over a minute under time hac.  Nice work and strong pace.

Lap 2 around the lake (1.1 miles).  July 8th 1835.  The Old State Bell is rung (and cracked) for the death of Chief Justice John Marshall.  (he went to Philly to have kidney stones removed and never made it out!).  Our 4th Chief Justice and longest running Chief from 1804 (Madison appointee) to his death in 1835. SO- we now had to make the loop trek in 18 and 35 seconds, complete 18 merkins IC and 35 squats IC- while carrying 4 60 bags.  Me, Lombardi, One Call, and Headgear took on the challenge.  (although I should add a penalty here, Soto left the group 15 seconds ahead of time- cheater).  PAX smoked this again and finished in 18:09, about 25 seconds ahead of hac.

gave the group a minute (I was fresh as a daisy but saw the group needed to catch their breath……)

Lap 3 around the lake (yes, 1.1 miles). Feb 22, 1846.  The Liberty Bell (as it was now called.  Northern Abolitionist coined a hymn calling this the Liberty Bell in 1839) was rung for the last time to commemorate Washingtons Bday.  This made the final and larger crack that is visible in images we see today. (from here on it was only “dinged” on the outside).  SO- here we go again (As I was going over the rules for this last round I saw OC laying on his back- knowing what was coming!).  we have to make the loop in 18 minutes and 46 seconds, 11 second longer than round 2!  Complete 18 merkins IC and 46 plank jacks IC- with ALL 7 bags.  Damn- where else do you get this??  Soto tries to leave early- I will have none of it. #teamwork

needless to say, we made it back to the bridge in 19:10- totally smoked and 0555 on time.  I gave a reprieve and didnt do the merkins and plank jacks- that decision made much easier when Lombardi finished his lap, threw his bag on the ground, and went off on a tirade of language only heard in minor league hockey.  #finallybrokeHarris

made our way back to the lot- totally drained, complaining, tired, and ready to leave.  All 7 smoked this- I just feel bad Fergie thought Wednesday was an “easy workout”.  He knows now………..

Love this group, prayed out, and all the PAX took off their clothes……….to change into dry clothes..  OUT

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