The perfect beatdown….

The perfect beatdown….

Workout Date:





Brown Bag (Respect), Rubber, Crankbait, Rousey, Lombardi, Mudslide, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

From 0515-0531 it was AWESOME!  Then it started raining like crazy.  Then the lightning and thunder came.  That continued until 0614 when it got awesome again.

Well well, so much for the perfect beatdown.  We had to settle for the 2nd-most perfect beatdown due to horrendous and dangerous weather conditions!!!  Got there early to set up 11 cones on the football field in a (as noticed by Crankbait) PERFECTLY straight line, with each cone 10 yards apart.  Pretty impressive in the dark!!  A perfect weinke was written to cover all body parts and a good deal of cardio taking an exactly perfected 45 minutes.  Well, Mother Nature had other plans.

1 minute warning

SSH x 20 IC
Starts drizzling
IW x 20 IC
Starts pouring – “everybody ok to get wet, or y’all wanna move under the shelter?”
“Rain or shine” said Rousey looking at us all like we were pathetic to even consider moving out of the rain
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
Lightning and thunder start strong
Rousey moves closer to Rubber who has a good 6-8″ in height on him so that Rubber was closer to the lightning
“What’s everybody think?”  “We’ll be ok”
LBAC Fwd x 15 IC
Reverse x 20 IC
Heavy rain, lots of thunder and lightning
Perfect #weinke still the plan – we were all already drenched

Mosey around the church to the football field – some men went a little further as some circled back to pick up Rousey with the bum knee.  All arrived at the cones at approximately the same time.  Perfect.

Here is the start of The THANG
11 cones – 10 yards apart
Start at the 1st cone, Bear crawl to the next cone (which was 1st for counting) – 1 merkin; Continue Bear crawling to each of the next cones and increase your merkins – i.e., 2nd cone – 2 merkins; 3rd cone, 3 merkins, etc.  Up to 10.   55 total.  AMRAP LBC’s on the 6, or SSH’s if you want more cardio
LBC’s x 15 IC as a group

Head Back
Lunge between cones, Squats at the cones
Same pattern
AMRAP LBC’s / SSH’s on 6
It was during this time back that some of us got a little worried.  The lightning was BAD.  Sustained, strong, seemingly close.  Mudslide was counting the seconds and said it was 6 miles away.  I don’t know – that seems close especially when it’s lighting up the sky!!  Lombardi didn’t think it was a great idea to be out in an open field in this kinda storm.  Everyone stood under Rubber.  Ha…JK.  YHC concurred with Lombardi and the general consensus was let’s move.  So we went under the shelter/overhang/awning and modified.

The rest of The THANG is as accurately as I recall.

Everyone jump up on a column.  Sorry guys…I think 1 or 2 took that literally.  Not much standing room
25 Left calf raises
25 Right calf raises
25 Double calf raises
Comment made about what this must look like from the road.  Um…yeah….7 guys standing behind a column essentially moving up and down rhythmically.  Yeah…o well.  Maybe that’ll work as a drive by EH tool??

Wall sit on the 6; everyone do it
While in wall sit, OH Presses x 15 IC

Diamond Merkins x 15 OYO
Prisoner Squats x 15 OYO
Run to the far corner of the parking lot and back, SSH’s on the 6
SSH’s x 15 IC
The weather had cleared for a second or two.  But on the way back, the lightning struck hard again.
No more running out from the shelter

Another set of the 75 calf raises
Wall sit on the 6; everyone do it
While in wall sit, OH Presses x 15 IC
Regular Merkins x 15 OYO
Regular Squats x 15 OYO
BBSU’s x 15 OYO
SSH’s x 15 IC

Another set of the 75 calf raises
Wall sit on the 6; everyone do it
While in wall sit, OH Presses x 15 IC
Wide arm Merkins x 15 OYO
Sumo Squats x 15 OYO
BBSU’s x 15 OYO
Donkey kicks on the wall x 20 OYO

Calf raises – this time 100 reps
25 each leg and then 50 both legs
Ascending testicles x about 5 crawl ups and merkins
BBSU’s x 15 OYO

Merkin Mania – check it on the Exicon!

Flutters x 25 IC
Pretzel crunch and stick – x 7 IC for each
90 seconds left – everyone do 6 Turkish Getups and 5 Burpees

Mosey back to start as it cleared up at 0614

Count-O-Rama – 7
Prayers for Rubber’s Mom
Prayers for marriages and families
Prayers for travel
Prayers for Pert and his family
Prayer requests unspoken

– Well, sometimes the perfect plan goes awry.  Just like in life.  With F3, it’s easy to modify stuff. Come up with things on the fly.  Lean on your Brothers for help if needed.  But what do we do when life throws kinks in our perfect plans?  A job, marriage, parenting, addiction, whatever it may be.  When the enemy attacks us at all angles?  I could write and write on this as it is something I struggle with every single day.  But I will simply say here – lean on your Brothers!  Stay in the Word.  We have all seen Robber’s amazingly open and honest tweets.  We have all seen marriages fail and men struggle to raise their children.  We have all see men, and ourselves, fail, in many things at many times.  This morning just further reminded me that no matter what the condition, what the struggle, there are men that will have my back, and be there.  For accountability.  For strength.  To push me.  To support me.  Thanks dudes.
– Awesome and strong work by everyone today!!  Also, everyone looked very sexy in soaked shirts clinging to the F3 bods they got!  The M’s will be impressed.  Assuming you don’t wear soaking wet socks through the kitchen like YHC did.  Oops.

– Missional AO at New Directions Men’s Shelter with Kitten as AOQ is going strong!!  – check it out here 
SIGN UP for the dinners and plan to be at some beatdowns!  Tonight is dinner at 0700
– Lombardi in the process of organizing our 2nd Annual F3GrandStrand Pelicans Game Day/Night!!!  Last year was an absolute blast.  Be on the lookout for details.
– This was not announced cause we didn’t know, but after the beatdown, we saw it – Podcast is getting our Whetstone project started here!!!  Read all about it and sign up!!
– The #IronFlag was given to YHC at New Directions to bring east.  YHC signed it and handed it off to Lombardi to sign and bring to #Warthog tomorrow.  Brown Bag is 1 beatdown away from signing it – discussion was held about signing it on credit cause he will be out of town for a bit.  Decision made, NO CREDIT ALLOWED!  LOL.  Be sure that man gets it when he gets back!
– #IronPAX F3Nation challenge!  Read about it here!
– Fill up the Q sheets for August!!!  Make the AOQ’s jobs easier!



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