So Glad To Be In Group 1!?!

So Glad To Be In Group 1!?!

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Karma, Fergie, Spinal Tap, Happy Feet, Sleepy, King James (2.0) and Monsewer (DR F3 Beaufort, SC)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 80s, SC humidity in full force, but clear sky!

YHC took over at Stats Q a few weeks ago from Flop who has had it for 20 years (well maybe just 5 as the OG).  While this office doesn’t carry the glam and glitz of the other leadership Qs, it does allow me access to the data (i.e. control) and the ability to surreptitiously score a Q at the “mothership” #Warthog (WH) on a primo day — Saturday morning!  Perks of the Stats Q (although I might be exaggerating).

This morning’s #weinke would be 3 segments with two groups working in close proximity and overlapping at the end.  First group (non ruckers) doing an assortment body weight exercises (my least favorite) and some running (yeah…not for me) and the second group doing ruck PT (my speed…slinging lead filled rucks around showing off our raw strength).  Yeah…didn’t work out that way.  My “wingman” Luke (F3 King James) and YHC/QIC rolled into the AO at 0555 and got ourselves in a 2+ mile pre-ruck.  We got back to the AO 10 minutes before “go time” with WH Pax like Karma (looking lean and strong) and Fergie (consistently putting the work #gettingbetter); Spinal Tap (a Blackbeard’s Revenge Pax also looking strong and a deceivingly fast runner); newer Pax (or at least new to me) Sleepy and Happy Feet (both long and lean perfect for the 1st aforementioned group), and DR F3 Beaufort Pax Monsewer (who reportedly designed a sewer system, but also looking like a 1st grouper and case in point got in a run after the beatdown!).  Crap…no one else with rucks!  I didn’t want to be the only Pax in group 2; Luke wanted to shed his ruck after the last mile on the pre-ruck.  So, YHC grudgingly put my ruck back in the car and mentally prepped for the group 1 exercises (that weren’t meant for this non-lean low-speed/high-drag body shape).

One minute warning.  Then welcome to F3, mission, disclaimer, and lets do this!

Warm Up:  IC – 15 reps. of SSHs, TTTs, Windmills, IWs, Tempo Squats, LBACs (CCW and CW) and Overhead Presses; OYO – 22 Merkins.

SEGMENT 1: “Supersize Lieutenant Dans”; credit goes to F3 Mint Hill, NC.

Pax moseyed to the Valor Park area that appeared to be somewhat free of goose crap that was all over the field as KJ and I discovered on our pre-ruck (our shoes are still on the front porch).

Lt. Dans are a 1:4 ratio circuit like Captain Thors or Jack Webbs.  But, F3 MH added Burpees to it as well — nice of them!  1 Squat; 1 Lunge right leg and 1 Lunge left leg: and 1 Burpee. Then 2 Squats; 2 Lunges each leg: and 2 Burpees.  All the way to 10; 10-10; and 10.  Clearly the #crowdpleaser of the morning!

SEGMENT 2: “7 11s” (since today is 7-11…clever right!  Reverse order though…)

  1. At the Valor Park portico,  Pax did 10 Hand Release Merkins (HRM); run the length of the portico (there’s that run word again); 1 4-ct. Flutter Kick (FK).  Run back to the starting point.  Then 9 HRMs; run (Rousey run — lol); 2 4-ct. FKs; and so on until 1 and 10 respectively.  YHC requested 2 10-counts to catch his breath,
  2. Same area and same format except we did a “7” version where we did Burpees and 4-ct. American Hammers.

SEGMENT 3: “Jailbreak Run”

QIC had Pax run back to the COT.  Some may have trotted (at the highest speed possible at the moment).


Count-O-Rama 8
Name-O-Rama and a quick stretch during announcements.
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  1st F, 2nd F and 3rd F opportunities and events throughout the region.  Spinal Tap has a solo gig at Pizza Hyenna tonight (check Slack for details)!!  The more you plug in the more you see the bigger picture of F3…workouts are the magnet, fellowship is the glue and faith is the dynamite!

NMMS: Great push guys for a humid Saturday morning!  My shirt and shorts were soaking wet!  Thanks for not leaving this old man in the dust as he was fully expecting to be in “group 2” – lol.  Seriously though…you only get better by doing the “uncomfortable”…aye!

Honor to lead this morning!


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