The Purr-fect 30 Minute Run

The Purr-fect 30 Minute Run

Workout Date:





Flyover, Sunshine, Vitamin D, Hottub, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 50 degrees, clear skies

5 PAX assembled for the last official run prior to the MB Mini Marathon. Sunshine, Flyover, Vitamin D, Hottub, & YHC all took their DRP this a.m.  Twitterless ERC gave a SC last evening but did not post and although Skid Kong HC’d last night, the #Sandman would not release him from his evil clutches this morning (or was it his M??).  Either way, no worries, today was just a light run of 30 minutes to prime the pump for the main event on Sunday.

Pre-run topic of discussion was the “potential” rain event coming up from the gulf coast, which should be in full effect on race day. Some PAX (#WitnessProtection) half-jokingly discussed the diabolical deed of deferment but the other PAX squelched that nonsense & pointed out that a 40 mph tail wind would make everyone’s run time faster (#PositiveThinking). Can anyone say PR!! In addition there will be no lost time to hydrate because there will be an abundance of readily available water courtesy of Mother Nature!

5:14 – One Minute Warning, Stretching

5:15 – Silent Disclaimer . . . Headlamps Activated

The THANG: The ‘Kitten Loop’

The PAX ran to the Village, said hello to the PAX, and ran back to the Hulk.

The Numbers: 5K (3.4 miles); 8:28 Pace;

Time Called!

Anouncement: MB Mini 10.20.19 CANCELLED

Prayers: Hottub prayed us out, with prayers for Vit D’s wife, and PAX unable to join us this morning.

Moleskin: Although the MB Mini has been cancelled, the running can continue!! YHC looks forward to every Friday at Hulkamania so we can all get better & continue to accelerate! #FastestAO





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