The Q has candy….and lots of other treats….

The Q has candy….and lots of other treats….

Workout Date:





Weedeater, Stewie, Chedda, Bubbles, Billboard, Geno, Turn and Cough, Studebaker, Penelope, Vladimir (2.0), Franklin, Bling, Lombardi, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

45 degrees

Pulled up.  Bling’s car was parked and empty – he was finishing up Pathfinder!  #WaitTilTheLastDay

Billboard and Studebaker were also there.  These were my first three so they each got a piece of candy NOT to eat but to be able to turn in later to modify an exercise from 31 reps to 13.  More on this throughout.

When I wrote the Q, I figured this would be a different take on some of our deck of death/easter egg hunt/etc type workouts.  Easy to Q.  Fun to do. Very Hard overall.  Hit all body parts.  Plus the dread of people as they pick something is always funny to see.  Some tried to cheat by peeking in the bucket.  So I held the bucket higher.  Penelope tried to lie and say an exercise was rest..then he ate the paper to destroy the evidence.  It was planks, so that’s kind of a rest.  Geno did 10% of everything.  Bling did it all with his ruck.  Well, all but the BBSU’s.  Bubbles did things with his weight vest.  He’s getting better at lunges!  Everybody else kicked butt!!

Since it was cold, did a quick COP to stretch and warm up
IW x 13 IC
TTT x 13 IC
Windmills x 13 IC

I had 31 pieces of paper, each with a different exercise.  Here are the ones we did (not in order of how we did them though since I don’t remember exactly).  Also, thanks to Geno, who wanted to “loosen up” after the 3rd paper, we ran a ¼ mile lap:

  • 31 Merkins
  • 31 Diamond Merkins
  • 31 Wide Arm Merkins
  • 31 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Trick – AKA – Picker’s choice – Chedda got the first of these, and called out burpees – “to get them out of the way”.  Well, they were still in the bucket…so…we just changed these to merkins!
  • Trick – AKA – Picker’s choice – Vladimir got this one and with some coaxing from the PAX, called a relatively easier LBC’s.  Single count that he counted out.  Awesome to have a 2.0 lead us!  And for him to be out in the gloom with his dad every time.
  • YHC does know that right after this Franklin picked the LBC’s so we did: 31 LBC’s, IC, just because, 62
  • 31 BBSU’s
  • 3 – to(2) – 1 Suicides – cones set up, standard suicides except go to furthest cone and back, 2nd cone and back, 1st cone and back; touch the ground
  • 31 SSH’s
  • 31 American Hammers – Billboard counted these for us – right side only
  • 31 Squats
  • 31 Prisoner Squats
  • 31 Sumo Squats
  • 31 Shoulder Presses – did IC
  • 31 Dirty Birds – did IC
  • 31 Lunges – count right leg – yes that’s 62
  • 31 Staggered Merkins
  • 31 Spider Merkins – Studebaker….hmmmm
  • 31 Zombie Turkish Get-ups    #CrowdPleaser #CannotBelieveTheCandyDidn’tComeOutForThisOne
  • 31 Plank Jacks
  • 31 seconds High Plank, then of low plank
  • 31 Crab Jacks – Lombardi!

We were getting toward the end, and no candy had yet been used. Studebaker finally threw his in on
– 31 Merkins – so we did 13
– Bling used his on 31 Flying Squirrels for 13 of those
– The last paper was…31 Burpees — EVERYONE was waiting on Billboard to turn in his candy to bring this to 13.  PROBLEM.  That candy did not make it out of the parking lot, so he had nothing to turn in!!!   SOOOOO, 31 it was.  Or as many as everyone could get to in the last 2 minutes.  A lot of MOTIVATION from Billboard – I think its called transference since he was the one who ate the candy?  “Let’s go you fat slobs, you can do 31 burpees” was heard several times.

Here are the ones we did not get to (so feel free to do them later):
31(x2) seconds of Superman
31 Lateral Jumps
31 Mountain Climbers
31 Flutter kicks
31 Heels to Heaven
31 Jump Squats

Mosey back to the flag


Count-O-Rama – 14
Name-O-Rama, along with candy hand out courtesy of YHC
Prayer requests for all those out and about trick or treating
Prayer requests unspoken

– Hope everyone had a blast and worked hard. Lots of great camaraderie and mumblechatter makes the cold and wet ground very tolerable
– Awesome group of men being there for one another

– Be sure to check out our regional website. All local information is on that!
– November 7 – Tuesday – 7th AO launch for F3GrandStrand!!!  #TheVillage
– December 9 – Saturday – 3rd annual F3GrandStrand Christmas Party!! Bound to be epic!! Save the Date Now!! 6-10 PM. Check Region News for updates!


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