The Repitition in 80s Lyrics

The Repitition in 80s Lyrics

Workout Date:



The Thang:

PAX :  Cubbie Sinkhole, Viagra, Enron, Weasel, Beaker (QIC)



Six Pax showed up this morning for mya Michael Jackson themed beat down. Quite she had borrowed his 2.0s giant white pill looking speaker with accompanying visual effects

Weasel was already there since he had to clear out early with the M’s new job schedule.


The playlist was as follows:

Warmorama with Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel

Mosey over to the park with Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun

During Thriller we did a ring of fire squats up to 9 before the song ended

At the yoga mat it was Michael Jackson’s black or white where every time he said black it was a big boy sit up white was a wooly worm and every woohoo was a burpee

That was followed with Smooth Criminal for every Annie was an 4 count American Hammer otherwise hold 6 in

Billy Idol helped us out with Mony Mony where every Mony or pony was a merkin

Back to Michael Jackson Bad where every bad was a big boy sit up. It was about this time weasel had to bolt so the M didn’t end up unemployed.

Next on the playlist was man in the mirror and The Black Crowes Hard to Handle during which we did a round of BOMBS which was cut short on time.

It was a steady Pace back to the AO with the Go-Go’s we got the Beat.

We had ve time for one round of plank Jacks before time.

YHC prayed us out.

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