The Republic Takes The PLUNGE!

The Republic Takes The PLUNGE!

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SaltLife, Maddam T, QIC Goldberg, Grunt, Saved by the Bell, FNG Blower, Straplock, BigWheels, MudSlide, Beaker, Hoedown, Mayhem,

The Thang:

Let me start by saying that if you haven’t yet been to #TheRepublic for a Saturday morning Beatdown… you are missing out. This AO is just amazing… Where else can you do monkey humpers in front of a Historic  Riverside Bed and Breakfast, do Bearcrawls down an old abandoned railroad track and then go cool off with a cannonball into the Waccamaw, all during the same Beatdown?? The answer is… NOWHERE.

Now, on to the matter at hand.

630AM… YHC rolls in early to hide the good old JBL speaker in the bushes by the Riverwalk, as I knew this would be our final destination… and I wanted to end this workout in ULTIMATE fashion with some Southern Rock playing!!

645AM… The first PAX to roll in was an FNG I’d been working on all week! I was HYPED! And then BOOM! Outta Nowhere SaltLife rolls up in disguise… driving the water meter reader truck! Hahah!

655AM… We had what seemed to be our total for the day… but I gave it a few extra mins to see if any of our Training Wheel buddies showed. Tick… tick… tick..  nope.

703AM… I gave the disclaimer,  welcomed the FNG and Maddam quickly explained the Creedo and F3 mission to all in attendance.

First Exercise… 50 TURBO SSH IC

Second exercise… 10 Burpees OYO

Next, we moseyed over to the island by local tavern. We then planked shoulder to shoulder and the Beatdown was officially ON! We Bearcrawled from front to back, one PAX at a time, until we had made the loop around the island. It was a great warm up!

As some guys, not naming any names, began to complain about there manicures, I let them know it was time to mosey.

We moseyed over to the Marina and circled up for some Speedy Feeties AKA quick feet, with drop down Merkins on YHCs signal. One PAX said… “shouldn’t we move somewhere else… I think theres goose poop around here.” I laughed, and we then MOVED NOT AN INCH! Hahah

Next we moseyed toward the Riverwalk and found the huge set of steps with the big platform at the top of them. (The place were people get married, awesome.)

We partnered up. Each team did 25 burpees, 100 squats, and 150 SSH in a rotating fashion. One PAX exercised while the other ran the loop around the inner part of the Rivertown park.

While we were finishing this totally ULTIMATE exercise, I spotted some of our old pals off in the distance… and they were heading our way. It was the Training Wheels crew… just in time for the second half, and most EPIC part of the Beatdown. I think there were six total, but only four stayed for the Beatdown as I guess the other two had to go watch paint dry. Hahaha! Maybe next time.

We then took about a half mile mosey back to the local tavern and began the 100 yard tunnel of love down the railroad tracks toward the river. As we began, four of our Training Wheels PAX joined in the festivities! Everyone could seemingly feel something ULTIMATE in the air. We bear crawled to the base of the old Conway bridge and then moseyed to the launch site.

At this point I had Maddam T take over for me, momentarily while I grabbed my hidden speaker out of the bushes and cranked up some Skynyrd!!!

We circled up and did I think a total of 30 burpees and 30 Squats. Just enough to get everyone REALLY HOT and BOTHERED! Hahaha!

While the ROCKnROLL jammed I informed everyone that the final exercise would require a leap into the river! Everyone kicked off their shoes, socks and whatever other gear they felt necessary and we got into teams of three. We then made our way down the ramp to the floating dock and lined up facing the beautiful Waccamaw. The first three men would holler out an exercise for the other nine to be doing,  while they, ONE at a time took the leap, and was brought back up onto the dock by your two partners. We rinsed and repeated, laughed, and chatted it up as everyone seemed to really be enjoying this… and then.. our last PAX to take the plunge… GRUNT… decided to scale the wooden pylons in the middle of the Waccamaw (probably 20ft high) and give us all a front row seat to the Grunt front flip cannonball face plant! It. Was. Ultimate! The laughter was nothing short of Awesome! Everyone having a great time, getting better, and getting to know one another better, all at the same time!

Next, we grabbed our gear and moseyed back to the Watertower…. some barefoot, some with shoes on. We then circled up and YHC gave Hoedown the honor of choosing an exercise and welcomed him back in town. We did several sets of Hurricane Hoedowns. Well, most of us did, as Maddam T was clearly physically drained, and decided he’d just stare at the sky for a few minutes.

Next, YHC gave Beaker the honor to call our last exercise since he had made the trip all the way from North Myrtle. He chose some kind of killer ab workout. I cant remember the name of it, but I hope not to do it again anytime soon!

Time was called at 803AM

FNG was named… Blower.

Announcements… Missionary Beatdown starting next week in Myrtle, behind Dicks Pawn.

Prayers… Pert Plus and Family while overseas,  SuperDaves daughter, and YHCs daughter as well.

I then prayed us out.

We welcomed Blower and thanked him for attending, dryed off, and then I believe 10 of us gathered for breakfast.

What a great day guys! Thanks for coming out and supporting our Saturday #TheRepublic beatdown, and as always… it was an HONOR to lead you guys! Until next time… STAY ULTIMATE!! SYITG!

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