The Return of Rebar & P200 Running Rebels

The Return of Rebar & P200 Running Rebels

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Rubber, Rebar, ERC, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania Sunday

Conditions: 64 degrees, foggy

Saturday night we had a strong group of PAX hard commit to today’s Sunday Run, but just before our 7am start time, the wheels began falling off. YHC struggled to get up and getting moving.

Sunshine must have sensed my struggle because he texted me at 6:36 to see if I was still coming to the run. After I texted him back that I was taking off to rest from yesterday’s GrowRuck & Postrun he asked if I would still be meeting him for a cup of coffee after the run?

I didn’t immediately respond, however, I realized that if I got moving right away, I still had time to make the run. I knew that if I stayed in bed it would throw the rest of my day off, so I got up & got going. Within 10 minutes I was out the door and on my way to the Hulk.

Before leaving, however, I saw that I missed a text from ERC last night about our running plans. I texted him this morning in the hopes that he would meet us at the Hulk, but there was no reply.

Also during this time, Skidmark sent a text stating that he would not be attending but supported us, “Y’all get some good miles.” Then as I drove down Frontage Road, Hamburglar let us know that he too was out. Unfortunately, there was still no response from ERC either.

With 2 of our Sunday Stalwarts out & a 3rd possibly missed due to poor communication, YHC was glad that I would be there for Sunshine, because it’s always better to run with others than to run alone.

As I pulled into the Hulk Parking Lot, Sunshine was there talking to someone in an unfamiliar white truck. As I put myself together (without my trusted fannypack and therefore no music), the proverbial trumpets began to play as our long lost brother, Rebar, exited the white truck.

This man’s a running beast and an original and current member of our P200 team.

He was following our P200 text chain last night but had commitment issues (like all of us do). He is fast but humble. At this point it looked like just the 3 of us would be running.

Sunshine then proudly announced that he called Rubber this morning & convinced him that he needed to run at least one long run (8+ miles) before the P200 and he would be joining us, too.

About a minute after our official start time, Rubber came in hot, said his hellos and we were off.

With Hamburglar taking the day off, Rebar became the pace setter which also included the responsibility to ‘circle back’ for the six.


As we ran down Frontage Road, Sunshine announced our route. Today after traversing the bridge & running past the YMCA we would take Wild Iris Drive to 48th Avenue N.

As we ran past the Barc Park & the 4-foot high retaining wall for the YMCA parking lot a shadowy figure literally jumped off the wall and into our run (He almost took Rebar out Suprefly Snucka Style); it was none other than twitterless ERC!! #SneakySneaky.

We now had our adrenaline rush and a solid crew of 5 runners.

At the end of the running path, we crossed the YMCA parking lot and picked up Wild Iris Drive on the other side.

The Pax spread out a bit on this long stretch down Wild Iris Drive due to slightly different paces. YHC was trying to keep up with Rebar, ERC was a few lengths behind, and Sunshine & Rubber were picking up the six.

Luckily Rebar was paying attention to the street signs as we ran because YHC would have run right past 48th Avenue N.. (I must have been “In the Zone”). We quickly turned right & ran east on 48th Avenue then crossed 17 Bypass. On the other side of 17 we connect to the run path that parallels Grissom Parkway & 17 Bypass and ran northwest until the path ended at 62nd Avenue N.

We then took 62nd Avenue N (across 17 Bypass again) to Marina Parkway. At this point, we had 5 miles under our feet, but Sunshine wanted more!

We followed Marina Parkway south then turned right to picked up the Grande Waterway Run Path that parallels the Intercoastal Waterway. We followed run past north to 72nd Avenue.  We ran east on 72nd Avenue N until it intersected Marina Parkway. Once again on Marina Parkway, we ran south to 62nd Avenue, turned left for a while, then turned right on Clare Chapin Epps Drive. At the YMCA we retraced our path past the Barc Park, up & over the Zeb M. Thomas Bridge, and finished strong with a sprint down Frontage Road back to the Hulk.

At this point ERC turned back to run the bridge once more to retrieve his car at the Y & Rubber sped off to a breakfast meeting.

Rebar, Sunshine, & YHC continued mauling around the lot & chit chatting until Rebar suggested an evening run later in the day to simulate P200 conditions. Sunshine & YHC nodded our heads slightly but stayed silent.  “Oh look at the time we gotta go!” #CommitmentIssues.

No matter what direction the rest of the day took, everyone this morning got better.

NOTE: Rebar did put in an additional 5 miles later in the day without Sunshine or YHC.

The Numbers: 8.25 to 8.57 total miles; 8:37 to 9:00 minute/mile pace; 1:13:49 – total run time.

Good times!




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