The return of the Kitten Book

The return of the Kitten Book

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Kitten, Brown Bag, Rubber, El Red Cardo, War Eagle

The Thang:

It was nice and warm when I arrived at the Village. 5:29 came, and no one else was there yet, so no one-minute warning. Just as I was about to set out for a solo run, four PAX came flying in right at 5:30. As soon as everyone was out of their cars, I gave the disclaimer and got started. The workout followed the text of a random children’s book I found at home called “The Kitten Book.”

For the page that talked about how kittens explore the world, we explored the AO by doing an Indian run.

For the page about how kittens are wobbly on their feet at first, we did 10 hand release merkins oyo, 20 mountain climbers ic, 20 jump squats oyo, and 30 ssh ic.

For the page about kittens lapping milk from a dish, we got in milk lapping position, aka merkin position, and did 20 merkins ic.

For the page about kittens staying neat and clean, we did 20 burpees oyo to shake off any dirt or dust.

For the page about kittens playing games with each other, we paired up and did some Dora: 100 big boys, 200 dips, 300 2-count flutter kicks.

For the page about kittens jumping up to catch butterflies, we did 11s with burpees at one end and jump squats at the other.

For the page about kittens being sleek and slim, we did three sets of gassers.

For the page about kittens running fast when they hear a dinner bell, we did one set of wind sprints. We kept the cardio work going by doing 20 mountain climbers ic, 20 plank jacks ic, and 20 ssh ic.

Finally, for the page about kittens sleeping all stretched out, we ended with stargazers, with each PAX sharing one goal for the day. At 6:15 time was called.

Announcements: Papyrus has his VQ at the Pit Stop this Saturday morning. Any PAX who want to help tear out drywall at a mobile home that flooded are invited to head to 893 Jackson Bluff Rd in Conway after Saturday’s workout.

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