The Return of the Weasel

The Return of the Weasel

Workout Date:





Viagra (Respect), Cubby, Enron, Burgundy

The Thang:

I have been IR for the last couple weeks.  My return to the gloom was very welcomed and anticipated until the guys learned i was taking the Q.  I have challenged the packs of Timeshare to fill the sheet for the month of July, if not i will fill in the gaps and i wont give you want you want i’ll give you what you need!

Weather:  Super Nice and Humid.  78* and Soggy!

Quick Warmup:

LBAC x 25 FWD, 25 REV

OHC x 25

Good Morning’s x 25

Lunges-  Modified these to hold on the down position to really work the core.  Try it.



A local PD officer that we know was jogging by the AO so we immediately started to Mosey to try and EH him to join.  We see him go by all the time so why not if your already here?  After some interrogation and body shaming (just kidding)  we moved on to our next phase.  I found a new spot to try out.  Between the Kroger and Barefoot Church is a decent size parking lot with a very respectable elevation change.

SEVENS-  Burpees on the bottom, Merkins up Top.  Sprint  50M Incline, and Jog back down.

Mosey-  Headed towards the bridge for some false motivation but no one seemed to think we’d make it (The mumble chatter was strong this morning).. So headed south on 17, hooked a left on 1st Ave S. and headed back towards the park.  Once we got to McClean Park the light was on at one of the huts so i had to check it out.

Bench Rows- x 25 OYO

Dips x 25 OYO

Stepups x 25 OYO

Mosey over to the Fountain and complete Sitting Squats x 25 OYO

Mosey back to the AO.

We get back with 2 mins to go… Pax Choice-  Enron= 25LBC OYO Burgundy= Imperial Walkers x 20


I appreciate everyones hard effort.  Great work by all.  I can see we need to work on lung capacity.  I think overall we were just shy of 3 miles.  Which was not bad.  I think we can do more.  Maybe well just add more weight next time.

Count Off, Name-O- Rama

Announcements-  Nothing new, but concerns about Corona.  We think the beach will not shut down until after they get all their July 4th Revenue.

Kotters- Weasel

COT- Burgundy lead us out in Prayer.


Honor To Lead







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