The return of WOLVERINE!!

The return of WOLVERINE!!

Workout Date:





Mudslide, Geno, Bubbles, Varsity, Stewie, Billboard, Lombardi, ETC

The Thang:

YHC is sure that there is one PAX missing from the list but I was not able to attend the Name-O-Rama section.

As stated above, YHC has not been on the Q Sheet for Warthog for sometime now due to having to leave early to get the 2.0’s out and have the M not murder me!

I wanted to Q again just felt bad not being able to finish the Q, but Lombardi talked me into it. So alas WOLVERINE IS BACK!!

Weather was beautiful and getting humid, so I figured lets take it into the Parking garage for a little more humidity.

DISCLAIMER WAS GIVEN and we were off

SSH x 25ic

IW x 25ic

TTT x 15ic

1-2 burbees after each exercise

lbac- back and foward 15 count.

Mosey to the bridge where we lined up and got into plank positon.

We proceeded to walk in plank 5 steps and do 1 push up, then 5 more steps and 2 pushups, continued until 10 pushups were completed and lunged the rest of the way.  YHC stressed that today we would be leaving no one behind and that the exercise was not complete until all PAX were complete.  So we were to stay together.  We are as strong as our weakest!

We moseyed to the Parking deck where the humidity kicked in.  We started at the bottom and ran to each level where YHC called out an exercise.  The first circuit was chest so we did hand release on the 1st deck, wide arm merkins on the 2nd deck, diamond merkins on the 3rd, and regular on the 4th.  We then ran back down and completed the same in reverse.

When we got to the bottom we held wall sits for a minute then it was onto legs.  We did the same thing as chest but switched up legs this time. it included tempo squats, prisoner squats, lunges, and monkey humpers.

We then ran all the way to the bottom and performed 10 burpees and planked for a mintues

We moseyed back out the bridge and performed the plank walk/merkin dance again up to 10 this was  a PAX favorite.

At that point YHC had to leave so he left the power with the group to finish with MARY and lead the PAX out.

I appreciate the opportunity to lead, it has been a while since i have Q’d a bootcamp and much of my Q is spent at beachbells but it was good to mix it up again.


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