The Sailor and Censored-Words Shuffle

The Sailor and Censored-Words Shuffle

Workout Date:





Candy Cane, Hojo, Pikachu, First Base, Kiwi, Single Barrel, Rosey

The Thang:

Conditions– Low 40s and calm winds

YHC first day back from vacation and what better welcome back than being on Q. #SplashingMerlot

Gave the one minute warning and had 7 other PAXs circle-up to start the COP.

F3 mission was stated and disclaimer was given. I added at the end of the mission to “lose some holiday pounds” as well 🙂


20- Harry Rockets IC

20- Tempo Squats IC

10- Windmills IC (or whatever count we got up to with all of the mumblechatter :))- This is where the censored words and title of the beatdown came from 🙂

20- TTT w/ hands behind back IC

20- IWs IC

40- Cherry Pickers IC

15- Merkins IC

The Thang

Moseye at YHC pace to baseball field bleachers. 25 Dips & 25 Step-up OYO. Another mosey to coupon pile to pick-up blocks. Mosey backed to COP, and I gave the following set of instructions: While one PAX moseyed around the church, the other PAX went up and down the ladder set of exercises until every PAX completed their run:

25- Merkins on block

25- Squats w/ block (sounds

35- Curls

25-Flutter Kicks w/ block

25- Shoulder Presses

Also, while PAX were on mosey, I stopped the ladder exercise and led the following set of exercises in IC: Dry Docks (15); LBCs (25); Freddie Mercurys (25); Monkey Humpers (15). PAX then went back to their ladder reps. When everyone completed the mosey, I led 20 Merkins IC.

Return coupons


PAX Choice:

15 -Penguins IC- YHC

15- Rubber Kicks  IC- Pikachu

5-  Cross-Armed Situps IC- Rosey (3 OYO if you could)




Announcements- Free-to-Bleed event in March, Grow Ruck, Timeshare convergence for Weasel

YHC prayed us out (Headgear, Bubbles and Pikachu/Candy Cane’s co-worker)

As always, it was truly an honor to lead these HIMs. I’m glad to back in action with my crew! #ISI #HIM



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