The Shuttle Run from Hell

The Shuttle Run from Hell

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Bling, Onecall, Flop, Lombardi, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Yesterday, YHC asked the pax if there would be any heartbreak if the AO was moved this morning from the Grand Dunes Bridge to the Hulk Bridge. YHC stated that I had created an OKish beatdown but needed more space than what the Grand Dunes bridge had to offer. Not only were there no complaints, but YHC even got a few HC’s. And as always the request for sandbags was also given.

5 PAX showed up this morning in the parking lot of the Hulk. All seasoned men who have proven their worth time and time again. We all put our rucks on, grabbed 1 80# sandbag and two 60# sandbags and head over the bridge. At this point we were already questioning the life choices we made that got us to this point.

On the other side of the bridge someone was kind enough to spray-paint distance markers on the path. Not sure if they are in meters or yards but at 0-dark-thirty it doesn’t matter now does it, so to help prevent confusion I’m going to call them meters. The sandbags were dropped at the starting line and the work out was explained.

The pax would at a minimum of a doubletime speed advance up the hill to the 100 meter marker. There we would do 10 hand-release merkins. Then do a recovery ruck back down the hill to the 50metermarker and do 15 hatting butterflies (butterfly sit-ups). This patter would continue of advancing 100 meters up the hill doing 10 hand-release merkins, and then backtracking 50 meter down the hill and doing 15 hatting butterflies. We did this until we crossed the 400 meter marker.

At the top we now had to work our way back down.

The pax would recovery ruck from the 400 marker to the 300 marker. Do 5 hand-release merkins, then sprint up the hill to the 350 marker and do 10 hatting butterflies. The goal was to keep good form through out. This pattern would continue of a 100 meter ruck down, doing 5 hand release merkins and a 50 meter sprint up and doing 10 hatting butterflies until the pax crossed the starting line.

Once all pax crossed the starting line we did a 1 minute AMRAP of sandbag clean and squats. Pax could choose either the 80# or 60# sandbag. For those that could not do the clean and squat pax did 1 minute AMRAP of triple crush.

After the clean and squats we got our rucks back on, picked up the sandbags and made our way back to the cars.


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