The Texas Quaker IR Special

The Texas Quaker IR Special

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger and Quaker


Brown Bag (Respect), Beef Steak, Cross Stitch, Tumbler (FNG), Billy Blanks, Jeter, El Red Cardo, Spork, Lombardi (Respect), Elmers (Respect), Quaker (Respect), Texas Ranger

The Thang:


Conditions: 50s, Cool and clear

Well I am finding out that it gets easier and easier to pick up a random injury as I get older. Sure enough, picked up a little shoulder thing this past week. Not wanting to further prolong my comeback by injuring myself further, I reached out to some fellow pax to see if anybody would be willing to pick up a Q and sub for me on #BigMonday. Crickets… until the man, the myth, the legend himself (Quaker) said “Sure, I’ll take it.”

Nothing will make you question your choices more than a #HIM who has been dealing with his own ankle injury stepping up to take your Q. No way I could let this happen… so I reached back out to Quaker and said thanks and how about we Q it together? He can take the upper body stuff and I will handle the lower body stuff, and together we could offer the PAX a proper beatdown. He was game.

Showed up to the AO about 10 min early to find Quaker already there, bundled up like it was November, because apparently Cross Stitch forgot to pay the heating bill or left the AC on or something. Previous management would’ve never let this happen… just saying.

The rest of the pax showed up, with a surprise FNG that Jeter brought (apparently its very effective to EH somebody while repelling down the side of a building).

1 Minute Warning

Quick intro and disclaimer given and we’re off!

COP – Quaker and I took turns calling out different exercises with appropriate modifiers if needed

SSH x 20 IC (TR), Squat Modifier

Merkins x 10 (Q), Squat Modifier again

Imperial Walker x 20 (TR)

Hill Billy x 20 (Q)

TTT x 15 IC (TR)

Windmill x 15 IC (Q)

LBAC x 15 IC, LBAC IR x 15 IC (TR- somehow I got these, but doable)

Mosey around the AO to the Block Pile

The THANG – On the back straightaway parking lot between the church and field, Quaker and I would again take turns dealing out some punishment to the group with our well thought out and totally rehearsed plan

Curls x 20 IC, (no modifier necessary as curls were doable)

OH Block carry to the Island (or regular carry)

Texas Ranger:

Lunge walk from the island, stop every two parking spaces and do 3 squats with the block all the way to the end (approx – 205 ft)


OH Press x 20 IC (Squat Modifier)

Texas Ranger:

12 Pax, but 2 leg modifiers, leaving a perfect group of 10 for some sprints

Two lines of 5, SSH while you wait to sprint and after you sprint until the last man finishes (plank modifier)


OH Carry to every 4th parking space line, 3 block swings back to the concrete island (3 squat modifier)

Texas Ranger:

No Rubber today, but we have to do a Rubber favorite… sprinter’s lunge to the first light pole and back

Did not see what the modifier was, merkins maybe?


Flutter Kicks of Pain – everybody circle up, go around the circle with each man counting 15 x 4count flutter kicks (this is something like 720 kicks)… only one jerk that will remain nameless decided to take his time

Texas Ranger: the resident young buck, Billy Blanks was getting bored, so he threw out a suggestion for some Blockies

Seemed more fitting for Quaker’s part, but I can’t disappoint the crowd.

AMRAP Blockies (the modifier was another great suggestion from Brown Bag, to take a lap around the church to serve as the timer)


Colt 45s to finish

Blocks back to the pile and circle up at the flag

MARY – Couple of exercises from each of us (15 max)

TR – Freddie Mercury x 15 IC

Quaker- Hello Dollies x 15 IC

TR- Heel Touches (not toe touches) x 15 IC

Quaker- Heels to Heaven x 15 IC


Count-O-Rama – 12

Prayer requests/Praises – Praise for Jeter’s mom getting out of the hospital in time for Mother’s Day
BOM by Quaker

Always an honor to lead! Thanks again to Quaker for helping me offer a solid beatdown!

– TR

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