The TEXAS RANGER workout

The TEXAS RANGER workout

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Pikachu, O'Douls, Single Barrel, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

This is why Quaker always says to write the dang BB as soon as possible. Cobains for not getting this out sooner, I’ve slept since Thursday, but will do my best to remember what all happened!

Pretty sure that I gave a 1 minute warning as Single Barrel, Pikachu, and O’Doul’s (the typical Catapult crew) showed up and were ready to get after it.



15 SSH IC, 15 Windmills IC, 15 TTT IC, 22 Wave Merkins IC, 15 LBAC (Forward) IC, 15 LBAC (Reverse) IC

Mosey to the Coupon Pile

Dora: Partner up for some modified DORA, but we dont need the coupon just yet…

50 – Merkins

100 – BBSU/LBC

150 – Squats

TEXAS RANGER: With going through 2 of Boxcar’s Lexicon workouts and seeing that Crankbait had done the “Crankbait” workout at the Village earlier in the week, that got me thinking about what a TR workout would look like. So I delved deep into the F3 Exicon and produced this fun little gem. We would mosey with our coupon to various stations around the AO and do the exercise listed with or without the coupon (#PAX choice) spelling out “Texas Ranger”.

T: T – Bombs x 25… which will now be known as Catapult Burpees

E: Elf on a Shelf – 20/side

X: X’s and O’s – Start in an “X” position with hands and feet 6″ off the ground and when QIC calls out “O”, PAX will move to a seated V position with arms and legs tucked and hold until “X” is called. x 30ish

A: Apollo Creeds – Normally AC’s are one-armed burpees or merkins, but since this is no-burpee territory and I already pushed my luck with the T-Bombs, we did a modified Rocky Balboa on the curb, but while holding the block. – 2 one minute rounds with 10 sec rest in between

S: SSH x 100

R: Ranger Merkins x 22

A: American Hammers with the block (it was at this point that Single Barrel asked if we were spelling something… yeah man)

N: No Surrender Indian Plank – the group holds plank while one PAX does 5 no surrenders, rotate until everybody has done it twice

G: Guantanamo – instead of feet up, did it while holding the block at 90 degrees (4 rounds) (Sidenote – I would like to meet the PAX that can push a block down while Pikachu is holding it at 90 degrees. I swear I jumped on that thing and it didnt move. Think Ivan Drago in Rocky 4 kinda strength…)

E: Elf on a Shelf (10x each side)

R: Run back to the shovel flag (was going to be a different exercise, but we were on the clock)



Count-O-Rama: 4


Announcements: Shirt orders for Bombsquad

Prayer requests: Pax traveling, Unspoken


Always an honor!

– Texas Ranger

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